People are doing their bit for Chennai Floods - Are you

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There is a lot of water due to heavy rainfall in Chennai that has managed to break a 100 year old record, creating havoc in the city and making life extremely tough for its inhabitants. Offices, shops, schools all are closed, while making life extremely restless and slow, however even during such a tough situation, people in Chennai are extremely positive, full of generous humanity and helping in their nature.
It looks like as if the flood and the tougher conditions have extended a positive vibe in the city, wherein the people have joined hands and helped each other throughout this tough and difficult time.
We have attempted to bring you closer to the situations while the common people have put in heroic potential and made life easier and spread out a message of love and humanity to the entire world, keeping a watch on the movements in Chennai:

*Entertainment places turned into NGOs
As they say the entertainment world is all about business, profit, glamour etc, the Phoenix mall has proven the saying incorrect by opening up their mall space to make space for accommodating 500 people who were struggling outside in the nearby areas.

*Indian Coast Guard is edgily helping and rescuing people over and over again, bringing the much needed respite to the survivors.

*The old Madras bakery
This popular eatery has a few locations in the city, where in they are not at all taken aback with the chaos and the water all around. Get prepared to enter for a sip of piping hot chai and some sandwiches to give respite, while you can stay indoors until the rain subsides.

*The traffic police is as alert as ever
You would find the various traffic policemen on their regular duties, even they are equally drained and drenched and standing half way in the water, still the clogged water has not deterred their spirits.
Although the residents are in deep fear, along with more than a recorded number of 200 lives washed away in the water, the spirit and the unity Chennai has displayed is completely worth it.

The situation is quite emotional with dramatic at the moment, there are numerous of people who has lost their loved ones, and their homes. The water levels have soared over night, making people feel lost and in danger all of a sudden.
While we sitting here can just not feel the exact pain these pain have seen as well as gone through. However all we can do is pray for things to get better, and put forward the best in our abilities in order to help the ones without homes, food and water stuck out there in the chaos, nature has shaped us for them.

So it’s a human appeal to all you wonderful people out there to put aside the usual work and deadlines and come ahead and help the ones in need for any sort of a support you guys can offer that could ease out their sufferings.

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