Tips to make money Online

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Setting up a business is not a very easy task; it’s easier said than actually done. However setting up an Online business is all in trend, easy, quick and would definitely result but only if you are able to plan well in advance, a great as well as a unique business plan.
All you need to start is a domain name along with hosting, topped up with some of the basic skills; you get the power to turn your dreams in to reality!
We are listing some of the most promising and popular business trends that would make sure you start writing your own pay checks!

While earning money as an affiliate may not be the easiest way out, however it certainly brings out bulky cash returns for sure! Set up your very own affiliate store online, where people buy items on the website, however buy through the third party. Amazon is considered as one of the most popular affiliate program, while there are thousand more to make your pick from.
Benefit: Work as per your own convenience, build various sites, play around the products you love the most.

*Start your own E-commerce Online Store
The internet has evolved based upon the e-commerce industry that has been the back bone of the web business. Book one of the ready-made eCommerce web designs that are immense in the market, book your domain and hosting, while work as hard and creative as possible and there you are, ready to decide your fortune!
Tips and Tricks:
*Print Media
There are so many great sources available on the web to guide you about the selling process online.

*Earn from Blogs
If you have that flair for wiring, starting you own blog would b much of a task, right?
In order to earn cash out of your blogs, firstly you’ll need to write and blog about the most interesting and trendy topic, in order to attract traffic, put on Ad Sense, sell banner ads, affiliate to Amazon etc., offer premium services.

*Training and Mentoring
So, if you are the one competent enough to train or teach a particular skill, teach over the internet, while that is the most modest way of business, while using the free services like Skype.
You can start by offering the first couple of sessions for free and build upon a few models to back up later, that would churn out the income.
You could train and teach on languages, marketing, writing and soft skills and much more!

*Offer web Designing
 Almost every business requires a website. While there several others in the market, who are looking forward to enhance, expand and make changes in their existing portals. In simple words there is a lot of work in the market, all you got to do is become visible enough and then pick on the work, offering unlimited work and earning opportunities.

*Build Apps
If you carry good enough grounding on coding languages, get in touch with eth clients, understand their requirement and motives, while you focus on building the best and the most intricate app for them that would be informative and engaging at the same time. You could trade your constructed apps on a fixed amount or you could also opt to charge the customers on monthly basis.

*Managing Social Media Profiles
Social media has emerged to become a major platform for expanding and growing any business, irrespective of the sphere you are dealing with, handle the various profiles for your clients. All you got to do is regularize its content, posts and boost its presence while you get paid as per projects or each month.

Burgeoning trend of B2B markets

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While there are numerous online stores built over the web at the moment, however the emerging trend of B2B marketplaces is also a noticeable convincing factor.

There are many promising and aspiring B2B markets, wherein the buyers and sellers from all across the globe meet, trade, get connected, follow and benefit from each other.

So, what exactly is the trend exactly?

Talking about it in simpler words is that as people are highly involved and trapped in their daily commitments, work and home are increasingly becoming difficult to manage, so who ahs the time checking on shops in the market, comparing the quality or the price?

This is exactly why the most trending B2B markets are budding, being liked and brought to use by millions of users these days.

Benefit from the seller’s point of view:

Without any specific investment, each seller acquires the amazing opportunity to spread out to the various markets, offering their products are services to the wide audience throughout the globe, wherein they get to display the best in their abilities, connect with the buyers here, make a trade association and a commitment that lasts for a lifetime, while they get branded and earn name and name both, while being online and getting listed on an emerging B2B marketplace.

There are many buyers out there in the market and so are their kinds and sorts. Some prefer quality over anything while some might look for the most viable pricing then there are others who first observe, compare, decide and then make a purchase, so catering all the needs of a buyer, a potential seller in a B2B market, gets the option to serve the customers of all genres, catering to all their requirements under one single roof.

Benefits of being a buyer

Talking logic, parking the car in chaotic markets, roaming around in shops comparing the quality and price of a product or hunting numerous of shops looking for the best deals and services are all things of past, long gone while the new online buying trend has emerged and gained popularity, isn’t it?

No one wants to be trapped in this tedious, tiring and time consuming buying and shopping experience these days, in fact who has the time for all this now?
So the B2B market places have emerged as a solid trend, offering all he essential buying guides under one big roof, offering great services, products to compare, get detailed information about and once satisfied, indulging into buying, offering not just great products and services to the clients, but also a greater peace of mind.

Buyer these days just log and bid their needs, while the sellers get interested audiences to pool in the best of the abilities, while offering great portion of choice and variety to the buyers, while buying and shopping sitting in the comfort of their homes and offices!

So, certainly the B2B market trend is a hit, catering to comprehensive needs to the sellers and as well as their buyers. Offering equal great opportunities for them, making them get access to variety, timely deliveries right at their door step and of course save money on top of that, getting much better services at lower costs!

Latest tools that would change the way you use Gmail

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While gone are the days when Gmail is used to send and receive mails, now the world of Gmail has a lot more to offer.
We have listed a few advanced and revolutionary tools that would make the most preferred and widely used Gmail all the more interesting and captivating!

These tools would help you put together numerous cloud storage source facilitate experimental labs options while adding together super-cool elements by third party developers and much more!
So, roll over these 3 revolutionary tools that would change the way you think about Gmail in future.

*Mail Track
So, I’m sure you use watsapp and once you send a message to a user, you see those two little ticks and once they turn blue, you know that your message has been read, and I’m sure you love this, right?
How about your Gmail getting something like that?
This is a free chrome extension, called Mail Track, after you install it, you’ll get access to free of cost email tracking, notifications along with the history.

*Dmail: Self destructing email
Ok, I find this stuff really cool, you send an email in haste, or that was just simple an abrupt action, and now you don’t want the receiver to read it, so just opt for Dmail that self destruct the email and the user would not get anything to read inside! Get the free of cost Dmail chrome extension, while the service is available on beta stage and free at the moment.

This free of cost Mail2Cloud extension on Chrome offers a small toggle on your compose screen, just nest to the send. Just compose you email like you normally do, then choose scheduling it accordingly. The save and share option alongside would offer the option to make a PDF of the text in your email and save it to cloud, isn’t it fab?              

*Rapportive- Now know your contacts even better!
Ok, so now in the place that normally has ads, it would know feature information about the contacts like their photographs, alternate email, Twitter ID and so on, for example all the information available on the web regarding that person. So get prepared to know your contacts better.

Get closer to all the cloud providers, experience saving all your files on cloud. There is a free chrome extension called cloudy available that is integrated with SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Gmail itself. You can also attach photographs derived from Instagram, facebook, Picasa etc.

*WiseStamp: Highlight your own signature
Stop thinking about the limitations with your email signature now, use WiseStamp to your very own custom signature, you can add elements from your visiting card, social profiles, pictures and much more!
You could also add on the latest tag lines you wrote, widgets, tweets or any random quotes.

* Forget the spam
You get hooked to numerous subscriptions without even knowing about it, just go straight over to and say yet to the service access to your Gmail inbox.
It would offer a free scan over your inbox and make a list of all your subscriptions, while you make the choice of what to keep and what to delete!

So, don’t underestimate the power of Gmail anymore, try out these super cool tools and change the way Gmail looks and people perceive it to be, today!

Biking would now be much safer

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Beyond helmets that are two products getting all dressed up to make a revolution in the domestic market of our country, that would evolve Bike safety here, which is one of a major concern for the Indian roads.

While gone are the days of the tring tring bell we used to have attached to our cycles that use to alert people of the approaching cycle. But there are more enhanced and advanced alarms of bike being introduced is in the making at the moment.

Yes we are talking about another revolutionary product that is under testing at the moment, called the Backtracker, being a two-piece LED-fortified offering that works on the mechanism to be seen and felt, while being visible and alerting people around at the same time.

As per a recent survey, most of the fatal accidents take place while a bike or a cycle is hit from the back.
The Backtracker’s handlebar-fixed option carries LED-fortified radar that points the propinquity of things, substituting the restrictions faced by of mirrors that can be quite tough to realize if out in the sun.

The cyclist or the biker has the option to check upon an eye-catching LED show, placed under the saddle. This mechanism would give a warning to the coming vehicles being better and more reliable and dependable over the traditionally used reflective gear, while its effect is highly depending upon the weather conditions.

The sound produces is not just a loud-audio of more than 105 decibels — it is extremely inconsistent, comprising options starting from alarms to techno hits, to “toot-toots” while the warning is just general and too intense.
Its users get an option to download clips of their preferred tunes, customized light outline with alert alarms. The device permits its users to choose their inclination by linking online over a waterproof USB port while its offers a range of pre-loaded sound and light sample warning choice, similar to the suitably known night time alert.

So, what do you think about this new product in the making?

While as observed earlier and compared, to the west, safety products are need really badly in or country, especially in the areas when the terrain is not that perfect and prone to accidents, injuries and fatal at times.
There are a large number of companies that solely offer and manufacturer safety products for your entire family in the west, while not leaving your dog behind as well.

So, we are really urge the Indian set up to start manufacturing and making the use of safety products more prominent and universal, so that each time we move out of the road, whether it’s a day or night, we are safe and protected with the help of the highly innovative and latest safety products.

Most of the biking and cycling session could be harsh on us, keeping safety products handy would just act as prevention, while the cure cannot be attained this soon, right?

So consider buying safety products especially while you are out biking and doing sporty and challenging activities.

Do you like big tyres in your Car?

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While this is a kind of a trending statement seen in most of the good looking cars, like sedans, hatchbacks, modified in order to make its presence felt on the road, so are you the big tyre fanatic as well?
If yes, then this read is just the right one for you!

Most of the car owners change the look of their rides by changing the tyres at some point or the other. Some have an option to do it, in order to take the car look sporty, and for some the reason is bounded in order to keep the balance good, especially when the car is a little old.

We jot down a few pros and cons of this aspect; hope to benefit your decision well.


*Bigger tyres enhance the grip of your car.
*The car would feel more erect, while standing balanced on the road.
*If you own a car that is quite powerful, then with bigger tyres, the power is well distributed, therefore enhancing the quality of the drive.
*Looks! Looks! Looks!
Definitely nothing contrary to the good appearance a car gets, while being laden with bigger tyres adding on the persona and the road presence of the car.
*Lesser Brakes- Yes once you have bigger tyres installed in your car, the balance is better and therefore you would require lesser application of brakes, while the car is otherwise quite in a better control.

Like every good things has its own cost attached to it, similarly maintaining bigger tyres in your car has its own set of downsides that might pinch our pocket.
*Fuel Competency of your car would be disrupted, as the bigger tyres would grip the road better and that would result in the rolling assistance to go down.
*Also the car would generate more power, resulting in lower fuel efficiency indeed.
*Added Load- Indeed the bigger size of the tyres would come with added weight, so that would unnecessarily put burden over the chassis frame of the car.
*Quality of the ride-There would be direct hit over the riding excellence of your car, as the big diameter would outcome in reducing the tyre profile, while the length of the length of the sidewall of the tyre would be reduced.
This is one of the major short comings of upsizing your car’s tyre size, so you just check it out for yourself before you decide to upgrade and enhance the tyre size of your car.

There is no harm if you are not that calculative about the numbers your car gives out and just want to relish the drive and cherish the good looks of your car and enjoy its rides and the way people look at the master piece it becomes different from the rest.

The Evolved journey of Kajol

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The forever so timeless beauty of the Bollywood, who unlikely to the actors today made the audiences fall in love with her amazing and promising acting skills, her connection with the character she played all above the portion of her looks.

No doubt the actor is looking absolutely gorgeous, young vibrant and sheer gorgeous in the promos of her upcoming film Dilwale, hover her journey to this day has not been the same, you see.

Over the last two decade, we have seen Kajol evolving her beauty, her face, body frame and now if you have a closer look at the Diwale promo, Kriti Sanon needs to run up high to match Kajol’s energy, beauty and vibrant grace.

There is a lot that has changed in terms of her looks, style statement and appearance, looking back in time, of course for good, while the actor looks truly in her best of skin now, even if you compare her during her younger days.

*Baazigar came in 1993
My heart aches when I need to say that I was just seven year old, and now she looks at least 7 years younger than me!
While this was the debut of Kajol in the B-world, wherein she looked dark and raw, still her skills made her win millions of hearts, being famed as the best couple with Shah Rukh Khan.

*Diwale Dulhania Le Jaenge, 1995
We have been seeing this movie over and over again, I wonder how much hundreds of time we have seen the film and would surely sit down to watch it even today!
The actress looked extremely charming in the film, while the audience fell in love with the actors and the story line; everything from the actors, costumes, shooting, songs and casting were a big hit!

*Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, 1998
This was movie for the youngsters who actually realized the meaning of love after this film, while the entire family enjoyed this flick repeatedly till today with the similar love and passion. The actor looked much filtered and refined while making people once again applaud her presence even with a new actor along, Rani Mukherjee.

*Kajol got married in the year 1999, to her co-actor and love Ajay Devgan.

*Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, 2001
Post to her marriage, the actor made a comeback, yet another time being paired with the most loved Shah Rukh khan, while their chemistry solved most of the purpose, the movie in again a master piece that would be cherished generations after generations.
Kajol looked much polished, while her looks creating riffles, being clad in gorgeous saris she managed to look extremely suave and sexy!

*Fanaa, 2006
Kajol took a long time off after giving birth to an adorable daughter, she returned on the silver screen, this time being casted opposite to Amir Khan, looking as young and fresh as ever. The film did go fairly well, while the people loved her looks, talent and costumes that she carried gracefully and charmingly throughout the movie.

*Dilwale, 2015
This is the best in terms of her looks we are talking about, at the moment Kajol is a super mom to two amazing kiddos, while still she has managed to lose all her parenting weight, in fact she is looking at her best, seriously.
She looks like a new comer, as raw, equally young and stunning to make any guy week on his knees, even the girls out there, including me, being a true fan of this wonderful, super stylish and classy actor, who has been the pride of the B-town, mesmerizing the audiences and drawing them closer to her since the last two decades.
We wish the lovely and chirpy beauty a very good luck for her upcoming projects and the film!

Is it all about marks and Grades in India?

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We have grown in a highly competitive environment ourselves, where fighting hard to score good marks, lead in the rat race, get the best subjects to choose from, followed by the best of colleges that we should get admittance to, and then finally the nest of companies to hire us with great salary packages and the circle becomes vicious, sounds similar?

But have you ever wondered why?
Why are we always expected to do the best things in life, why can’t we achieve in life with an ease, without discomforting ourselves. We I’m certainly not pointing out hard work and dedication, since they are a must in order to shape the future and be responsible, but the added pressure to do better than the rest kills the mental being of any human.

These days the world has become really obsessed with the competition around, we have become running hard and crazy about the competition at work, trying to prove ourselves as better parents, choosing the best food, the best homes, jobs, cars, and even kids!

I urge to ask yourself, why this madness, why these rush, we have been running the entire life and now we expect the same from our kids as well. The moment a small child joins a play school, totting off with tiny feet and small hands, he is made to perform a rhyme or a song at the stage, the teachers cheer the ones who sing or dance well, while the quite ones start collecting at the last bench.

Can you imagine the kind of mental stress and burden the kids are receiving, with us realizing of the fact? This is affecting the mental health of every human being existing in this mad rush of crazy competition.

We all have learnt the best possible ways to keep our bodies fit, over eating a well balanced diet, to joining expensive and latest gyms, practicing meditation, yoga and what not. Have we ever thought about keeping the minds healthy?

Working for longs hours in the office, coming home with the burden of responsibilities, travelling away in luxurious cars, but stuck in traffic jams for endless hours, all this takes a toll and pressurizes the brains too.

The mind needs to be relaxed, free from all sorts of tensions, breathe in the open air, other than being in the AC rooms all day and night.

We share a few tips that would help you achieve a healthy state of mind, disconnect you from the materialistic world and make you enjoy life as it is a accept your potential and not force yourself on things that are either tough or beyond reach, relax, take some time out and read through:

*Go for an early morning walk, you body and mind would relax, taking deep breaths, release the toxins and the burdens off your mind and discover a healthy state of your mind.

*Maintain and regularize your sleep schedule. Try sticking to your time, while you go to sleep and get up next morning. This would give relaxation to your mind, making it adapt to a regular schedule that would act as a go off mode.

*Do not force yourself towards anything in life. Your well being is the most important aspect; health is the only gold that you would cherish all your life and don’t try money and luxuries replace it.

*Stay happy! Happy hormones always keep the mind, body and your mood in the best of its state. Life is not easy all the time, there are relevant ups and downs that each of us need to deal with, however don’t let them disturb the peace in you.

*Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet full of fresh fruit and veggies in order to keep you fit and active as refined as well as processed food makes the digestion sluggish, making you slow, incompetent. Hereby your life slow, hampering you mind’s health and well being.

The top Online business trends to rule 2016

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 If we talk about doing business online, things are much straightened out now, people are more considerate, while buying things online has become more like a usual habit now, the apprehensions, doubts are slowly vanishing away, while there are numerous promising and genuine business makers who offer the best of their services and products for their customer base that shops with them online.

The online marketing trade is intricate and impulsive, however an electrifying and stimulating one for the youth that believes in invention, experimenting and of course progression. Going to get closer to more like a modern trend that Online business has become these days, each year there is a significant elevation observed in terms of hardware, latest advance in the software, many new and latest companies being forms along with the latest user trends that have been opening a lot of closed doors, giving more scope and space to make people try out different trends shaping to a new revolution in the online business world of today.

While already Online Business and its future look quite a deal, the upcoming year 2016 appears to be a great time for the flourishing trend.  We just cannot take our eyes off some of the greatest trans that would certainly make it in the upcoming year, offering a great business prospects to the owners and a very interesting experience for the customers who love shopping, surfing and moving Online.

Let’s get closer to the trends:

*Video Ads
Ok, so now already we have a lot of video ads been posted by Facebook and the official YouTube channel, so what is new this 2016?
Google is at last getting in-SERP video advertising, definitely proving with data that most of the users are getting attracted to the video ads, and the trend is just gonna get bigger with time, so do expect amazing ads, almost anywhere!

*App Indexing
App indexing is already rolled out, so the coming year you’d see a lot of apps been ranked in the most perfect aspect wherein Apps would soon replace the mobile optimization. Apps carry the ability to do all that a website can, more instinctively, opportunely and simply. While certainly this is not the time when the apps replace websites, however the coming year would be great for Apps especially talking from the business owner’s point of view.

*Bye Bye desktops
While this year we saw a great potential mobile devices carried, wherein Google supported the reason by offering report of mobile traffic taking over the desktop traffic in almost 10 big countries. As per google, you site just needs to be mobile optimized now, desktop version can be skipped. This certainly does not carry any guideline to skip the desktop however definitely makes the owners focus on the mobile version in case they want the money to flow in.

*Digital Assistants
SEO and PPC being the most popularly used strategies, but the rise in `would lead the latest optimization. This new format would ensure that your business information is easily reachable in place of getting people over your site.

Hope to see these along with many more digital competent elements that would make life really earlier in terms of offering the best of services and strategies to the dynamic would of Online Business.

How to look good naturally?

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We always love washing our face with the best of face washes and beauty products, that all help in removing the layers of dust, pollution and shine out the natural baby soft and glowing skin, right after we splash our face with water, isn’t it?

But have you ever wonder where does that glow vanishes once you’re out getting dressed, or just reached worked. I bet the skin doesn’t even retain half the glow that we just checked in the mirror of the wash basin.

Ever wondered why?

Here we let you know, as you have been washing your face wrong all this while, here is a guide that would clearly let you know about the dos and the donts about washing your face.

But trust me there is nothing great in these tips, it’s just the way that should be ideally followed and there you would be sparkling all day with a beautiful, glowing and clear skin.
All you’d need is a good facial cleanser that would make sure to make your skin get rid of the harmful pollutants, dirt, germs etc.

But what if you have been washing your face wrong all these days???

*Picking on the product, right for you
All this while you have been buying cleansing products based upon advertisements or seeing your friends use them, right?

*Do not go excessive
How much is too much, have you ever thought about it?
Especially women tend to have extremely sensitive and soft skin on the face, hence over-washing can cause the pores to be disturbed, make the skin deprived of the natural oils, dry and if in case you have an oily skin, it would get worse if in case its washed more than its required to. Over-washing your face would make the skin hard and produce more of sebum. Ideally twice a day of face wash is considered enough.

*Water temperature
No one pays attention to the water used to clean your face, right?
If in case you think cold water is great for your skin, I bet you’re wrong, as it would do no good to your pores.
In case you consider hot water for washing your face, let me tell you are absolutely wrong as it would stimulate the glands and produce additional sebum.
Lukewarm water is considered to be the best option for a healthy face wash.

*Stop rubbing the towel
Most of the people rub the skin on the face after a wash or a bath, similarly like they rub their bodies, however we need to understand that the skin on the face is 10 times thinner than our bodies, indeed you need to just pat the towel to dry your skin on the face in order to make you’re the cells remain intact and the natural oils are well maintained.

*Moisturize immediately
We highly recommend you to dab on a layer of your soft and enriching moisture lock cream or lotion right after face wash, in order to keep your skin soft and supple.

Hope the above guide would make sure you have a flawless and healthy skin, no matter what the season is!!

Are we changing?

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Well the world around is changing a lot, and so are we. We have evolved technically, financially, emotionally as well as mentally. We have become all the more practical, mentally strong, independent and make a lot of choice related to our likes, dislikes, choices, options and much more.

So in this rapidly evolving society, cultures, habits, food, clothes, almost everything under the sun has gone under a makeover!

Do you remember the last time you visited your relatives? But you would surely remember the menu on offer in the club last month, right…. So here arises a question that has lost its prominence, however its sure still exists!
Are we really advancing or have we lost the path and track that aged back to our culture, our upbringing, and the things our grandparents and parents taught us, the meaning of love, the trust in respect and the real happiness in sharing all that we had.

So can we really say that we are technically getting advanced and modern, well not sure about it? Gadgets have take the position, where hobbies and friends used to be, so can’t say more about being modern or getting trapped in the vicious circle of machined elements around us, guiding us and keeping us away from the essence of life.

So, here we have jotted down a few aspects that guide our lives, making us advanced and progressive, while being connected to our roots at the same time:

*Use watsapp for forwarding jokes, messages or simply your thoughts, but care to call your friends and relatives on their special days instead to texting.
You little gesture makes a difference in the other person’s special moments like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

*Keep Face book a medium to connect, not communicate with yor social circle, do plan get together, meets, picnics, luncheons, dinners etc, be modern however keep your roots alive.

*Use your Sunday socializing, living your hobbies, indulging into helping our others at least twice a month, is that much of a big deal?

*We recommend you to peep above your smart phones, while you’re on the go, appreciate the natural surroundings, observe the beauty in different people around you, it always would make you aware of the real world, apart from the reel world.

*Get yourself associated with what you like, this way you would spend some of the time learning or pursuing what you like for instance painting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, rather anything under the sun to take you off those amoled screens for sure.

*Maintain an off time each day, keep it minimal however stick on to it, making it your resolution, like take 30-60 minutes off, wherein during this time, you would be off your desktops, laptops, ipads, Smartphone, anything and everything digital.

Life always evolved and we had been living without these gadgets most part of our lives, so hereby now when the digital world has become a part of us, it is evidently possible for us to at least maintain cordial relations around and sneak in some of the me-time, without the hassle of screens all around us, what do you think?

Top reasons to stay happy and healthy this winter

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While, it gets colder by the days post the festive season in our country, from windy to breezy, until the weather gets brutally cold in the country. While everyone around would be busy singing the winter rhymes, like its cold, oh my god it’s too cold and all, let’s check out a few tips and tricks, that would definitely make you stay steer of the winter blues.

This might affect the level of activity in most of us, as the most awful thing would be leave that cozy blanket each morning to go for a jog, run or even a walk in the cold winter mornings or evenings, right?
But we highly recommend not getting carried away in the blue of the winter as it can be the healthiest season for your body, while you can enjoy the numerous healthy fruits and vegetable available in abundance during this season, work out and actually lose weight even while you enjoy a hot steaming platter of your favorite momos from your favorite joint, without worrying about the weight issues.

*Get ready and run, jog or just take a brisk walk!
Just grab on a neon color walking outfit and head to the road even if it is late in the evening. This way you would be clearly visible even if it is still dark in the morning, or it’s late, while the sun sets early in this season.

*Feeling too cold?
Yes it is really cold out there, but think of it, once you start your exercise regime, or even a walk for that matter, would you even feel the cold blues? Obviously not, so we recommend you to layer up in a nice warmer that hugs your body and acts as a first shell next to you, while cover up with a wind shield jacket to stop the wind to enter your body, and here you are ready to face the chilly season!

*Tweak you feet
The more times you lift your feet up to walk, the walk or the jog becomes all the more effective and advantageous. There are more calories burnt when you lift your feet each time you take a step ahead.

*Keep yourself hydrated
It is certain that we tend to feel the thirst less, when its winters, however the lack of water in your body would be quite visible even in this weather, in the form of dry skin. So in order to remain hydrated, healthy and glowing this chilly season, make sure to drink ample water, especially while you work it out, in order to maintain the balance you lose through sweat.
Experts recommend sipping 20 ounce of water each time you step out for a walk or a jog.

*Pick the right footwear
As it would be quite cold, and to avoid your feet to get numb, invest in some warm socks and a good footwear, that would keep your feet dry and away from the chill, so that the entire veins mechanism works properly, enabling you to exercise and walk properly.

*Warm up is a must
Each time you step out or head to the gym to sweat it out, it becomes important to first warm up and stretch your muscles and veins properly as during the winter season, they do tend to get clamped and tangled, so always make sure to warm up before starting any sort of a regime.

Hope the above tips would help you maintain your frame this winter season, stay healthy and stay happy!

Tops foods that would burn all your Fat!

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We have often discussed about the various foods that we should NOT eat, in order to remain slim and not gain weight. However have we ever heard about losing weight while eating?

Yes you read it right, we are talking about a certain group of negative calorie fruit that helps the body to lose weight when they are eaten, instead of gaining, as our body needs to work more in order to digest these foods, hereby resulting in no weight gain problems, instead enjoy these food each time you feel the hunger pangs igniting in you.
We have often discussed the negative and harmful effects of curbing and suppressing your hunger and staying on empty stomach for long, however while on the go, busy in the daily circle of work, deadlines, chores, travel, commuting, who has the time to think about buying foods that would not add up on their body mass?

Fret not now, as we bring to you the best possible solutions to all your food habits and for all those ties, when you give up on unhealthy junk food on the go and hungry!

There are a few foods that carry extremely high thermogenic effect, so it is scientifically evident that once you chew on those, you actually burn calories!

Don’t believe, then you should try them all for yourself!

*Whole grains
Your body burns two times the number of calories, while digesting who grains that are laden with rich fibre, like oatmeal, brown rice as compared to any of the refined and processed foods.

*Cayenne Pepper
Mix a pinch of cayenne pepper powder to a glass of warm water; it works magic, while you lose weight without a lot of effort.

*Lean meats
Protein similarly carries a thermogenic effect, so in simpler words you end up burning up to 30 percent more calories while digesting them, so henceforth you would never gain weight, instead lose weight while digestion lean meats.

*Low-fat dairy products
Dairy produce is always rich in calcium, Vitamin D that are the key elements required to preserve and build up on muscle mass in order to maintain a great metabolism, giving you the most of energy required.

*Green Tea
Nowadays many people have adopted the green tea, in between their meals in order to give a boost to their digestion process. We recommend drinking around 4 cups of the tea in a day to speed up digestion, resulting in scientifically proven weight loss.

They have always been a part of the Indian meals since decades, and now we know that a cup of these miracle foods cover up your iron needs for more than 35 percent, and since the body would be getting enough of the nutrients, it would surely work properly, digesting food better and resulting in weight loss.

*Hot peppers
There is an element known as capsaicin that is present in capsicums, hot peppers and bell peppers that carry the ability to kick start your body’s mechanism, hereby resulting in melting down the extra unnecessary calories. Cook them up, eat them raw, boil them, add them to your soup, just add them any ways you like, and check out your fat going away.

Speed up your internet today!!!

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There is buzz about the new tun-able filter that would enhance the speed of the internet connection you use!

But the internet speed has always been an issue with most of the best networks around as well. However in spite of taking on higher packs, speed has been facing lot of problems, while using the internet on smart phones, while you are out of your homes and offices. In order to offer a solution to all these problems,

Scientists have discovered a new filter carrying the broadest and largest tuning span that has been one of a kind, placed on top of a silicon chip that would support the speed, while offering low-cost flexibility required for gen-next of high-speed optical networks.

The path to obtain a quicker internet has been stalled by energy consumption and cost per optical part, as per Wei Shi, Assistant Professor from University Laval in Canada.

There is a discovery done in order to create a filter that can be tuned, carrying a high-capacity optical network – that would in turn benefit the internet users to save on money as well as energy as it can be willingly included onto a photonic chip.
The filter’s tuning span that’s an evaluation of how competently the device can tune into the variable data anxiety, being the broadest demonstration on a silicon chip.

The device manages to carry an unlimited free-spectral array that can tune and adjust with the number of frequencies.
Well certainly this is going to arrive in the market as a boon, helping the internet users to decide their fate, play around and catch up on urgent responsibilities and tasks that are dependent upon the web.

Digitization has brought the entire globe together, however that also means that we are becoming highly dependent upon the internet, wherein its use has to be prompt, considering the time we need to spend on its speed issues that actually are a literally wastage of time, so such an invention is indeed a boon to the world of the web and its users, who would not only enjoy shopping, doing face book but also would be able to work more effectively.

This move is certainly going to maximize the power and cost efficiency, while the optical networks would be flexible enough to offer each web user a quick and responsive internet working.
This would certainly bring around a good change to the entire journey, and the whole web experience in the domain of the rapidly evolving technologies.

So, stay tuned, and step out to end all your speed related trouble, while we need to see and wait for its official launch in the country.

Car Dealers moving rapidly Online

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There are many car dealers who have been experiencing a drop in foot falls, while there are lesser inquiries at the outlets, if numbers are to be believed, there is a drop of 2.59 % recorded, lately.

 Lot of focus has been put towards attaining customers by arranging roadside camps along with promotional stalls at banks, but was not helping much, as they could not churn out a lot of margin with this. Getting fresh and new booking was quite becoming a task, being difficult and expensive.

Today, it has been statistically proven that most of the prospective buyers go over the web looking for the most lucrative deal for buying their favorite cars.

At first there was hesitation and confusion while booking a product like a car over the web, being an expensive and an extensive purchase. But now, since the time has changed and people are getting hooked over the web, to a greater deal, buying a car online has been a thing that most of the people prefer these days, saving on the time and hassle of visiting the showrooms.

While the features, comparisons, numbers and details are all well described online, while making the pick easier and more prompt and comfortable.

Almost until the previous year, these web portals were there just for being there, however now the trend of online shopping has built up while making most of the buyers go online to shop their possessions on a greater note, making it convenient and time-saving.

Similarly when selling car comes into picture, this indeed is not that an easy task either. Especially when you reach the market with your car, there is a lot of misleading elements attached.

A seller needs to hop from one dealer to the other, explaining each of them with the relevant details, over and over again, that takes in a lot of effort as well as time.

So, going online has cropped up as a boon, while the buyer or seller of a car can easily, sitting in the comfort of his home or office, gets to trade out their stud over the web, conveniently, at better prices, comparing the entire lot in the market. However, the choice remain entirely up to you, so what do you prefer?

Yuvraj Singh hitched?

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While just a while ago, Start cricketer and the most eligible bachelor Yuvraj Singh got engaged with the charming and innocent looking model turned actress Hazel Keech.

While the couple is enjoying shopping and preparing for the wedding day, here are a few interesting facts about them:

* Born in England

Hazel Keech took birth in Essex, England, while her father is a Britisher and her mother is from Mauritius. She finished her schooling from Beal High School in Red bridge. Other than academics, she was always excited about dancing, acting and singing.

*Well trained into classical and contemporary Dance

This beautiful model-actress is skilled in western as well as classical dance. She enrolled in Indian dance academies in London from where she learnt all kinds of dance forms. Hazel also danced in the British program Agatha Christie's Marple. In addition to dancing, she can sing too. Hazel was also a part of the 2002 London promotional tour of Bollywood musical Bombay Dreams.

*Roles in films

As surprising as it may sound, Hazel has appeared in several Harry Potter movies, including Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. She made her acting debut in the Indian film industry with the 2007 Tamil film, Billa. Following this Hazel played an important role in the Salman Khan-starrer, Bodyguard. She also performed to the item song 'Aa ante amalapuram' that appeared in the 2012 film, Maximum.

The couple had been hushed over their relationship from the last many months they had been together with each other, while meeting each other cautiously, avoiding the media lens. However the rumor mills started flowing after the duo attended Bhajji’s wedding reception party.

So, well while the wedding day is just around the corner, the couple might have felt this time being the best for declaring the love for each other, above the barriers of the media interfering them.
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