Losing weight was never so Easy!!!!

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The world keeps talking about weight loss, several strategies, diet plans, workouts, trainings and much more have been the survival tools for many of us who thrive in each day to accomplish our goals, right?
But you know what read ahead to see how easy it is to lose those extra pounds off your bodies, look thinner, slimmer and fitter; without putting in a lot of extra efforts!

We’re talking about a few of the unbelievably easy weight loss tips and tricks that would make sure you shed those kilos and also keep them at bay for the future as well.

Over the year we have all wished to have a fairy godmother who would gift us a wand that would work its magic on us and there the fat would melt away, well seems more like just a dream that would be far away from the reality.
We try a a lot of fad diets, restrict ourselves from the sweetest luxuries of life, like a piece of dark chocolate truffle cake, and you just say a bland NO to it!!!

We have been trying to limit ourselves a lot, especially during these days when losing weight is the trendiest and in thing these days. Not just fashionable, but healthy as well, since weight gain is associated with a lot of other troubles in the body. Problems like joint pains, organ failures, depression etc are all signs of the low esteem and poor metabolism that our bodies tend to function of, if we constantly keep gaining weight.

Alright we have a magic trick that would cheat all the fat out of your bodies, especially from the tummy area!!! Yes, you read it right. The stubborn fat near you belly is one of the hardest to lose. The abs and crunches at the gym might just make them lose, but they the skin keeps lagging, offering a set of new problems.

Today, in this post we’ll talk about a latest trick, directly from the mouth of a doctor in Japan, who blames the pelvic region in our bodies that makes us gain weight, especially nearby the belly area.

He has recently rolled out a book as well on this, while the response to it has been amazing with around 6 million books already been sold. There is no cheat trick, no fad diets, no workout equipment to be used, while a person would lose weight from the belly area, after following the simple yet effective exercises that are designed to set the location of your pelvic region that would initiate the weight loss process and also help you get rid of back pains.

All you need:

*You need to place a towel rolled at the back of your spine, while you lay down on the floor mat.

*Stretch your body with your arms and legs facing inside, opposite to each other.

*Repeat this step 3-4 times in a day, its sounds easier than it actually is.

Time has really changed, even for our kids

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There are many things that we all enjoyed and grew up with, but they are almost gone in this rapidly modernizing digital era. There are numerous things we as children grew up doing and enjoying to the fullest.
Each generation enjoys its own set of awesomeness, there are a few things that we enjoyed doing as the kids of the 90s, but it’s quite sad to see all those things losing their existence. The kids of today are not even aware of these aspects. They will just not understand how much pleasure we grew up in enjoying and playing around them. There are many great things they enjoy today, but I would just have to quote that we being the kids of the 90s enjoyed both the worlds together, didn’t we?

*All about letters
We all have written and received letters to our relatives, friends, class-mates and in relationships. The excitement it generated and the way things were expressed, with a hope that someone would be eager t here from us was majestic!

We played a lot, I mean literally. While we used to be indoors, we enjoyed a lot of great and interesting board games like scrabble, monopoly, business etc. And the moment we stepped out in the evenings, there was a huge list to choose form, like hopscotch, tap etc. The play-station games can never match with them and its pace.

*The common Phone-wired one
This generation would hardly get to be talking on this curly wired phone. They have been seeing mobiles all around them ever since they have been born. The excitement to attend the phone, unknowingly, apprehending about who it is on the other end, this is a feeling I guess just we understood!

*Family oriented movies
The Bollywood industry has evolved as well. The kind of films been made now are very different from the ones we enjoyed watching over and over again.

*Family Picnics
Nowadays, weekends are spent either watching movies at the theatres or playing in the mall play zones, precisely all the time, our kids are bound inside the air-conditioned environment. While we enjoyed playing and jumping around in the Children’s park, India gate etc. We enjoyed home cooked packed food that we ate together with our friends and cousins at the picnic gardens.

*Cartoon Network
We almost was in love with this channel altogether. We enjoyed watching almost all the cartoons that this channel, starting from the Tom and Jerry shows to the Power Puff girls, all was simply amazing!

*Visiting Grandparents
The day the vacations started, we use to pack out bags and head straight over our Nani house. The sort of a VIP treatment we received there, they pampered us to the core, while there was no money involved, just pure love and affection use to work the magic.

*Library Visits
The connection we had with books was way too big. We all loved the experience of picking up a book from the school, collage or nearby library. Nowadays books are either bought from fancy book stores or downloaded from the internet.

There are many more things we enjoyed, while they don’t even exist in the time of today. Well such is life, always keeps running, changing, evolving, developing while we just need to feel lucky to be around and witnessing the best era of the modern world, the 90s.

Tips to make your diet and life much simpler

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Last weekend was spent cleaning out the mess and the clutter out of my refrigerator and soon as the smelly and cluttered food started coming out, I realized that Am I a food collector?

Cleaning the clutter I could realize that the fridge has been over stuffed with packets, processed food items, chocolates, over-ripped fruit and veggies that had all expired and certainly not in a condition to be used. So  the question that came into my mind was why they had been bought in the first place and why they were not used till now.

The process of cleaning and re-filling my fridge made me change my mind. In fact that gave me an idea to implement a plan in this entire thing, so that there is no food wastage and I would actually use all that I buy for myself.

I started on, buying less so that I end up wasting less.

So I decided to simplify the things around me and solve this problem once and for all.

So if you also are willing to simplify and straighten out your life, just read on, get these tips, work on them and see the magical transformation in you, making you waste and stress less, while being happier!

Stop buying food impulsively, just because you like the packing, the color and that’s it!
Plan the entire week, what all you would like to eat, along with eth appropriate portions. This would make you spend less, buy less and also waste less.

*Buy your favorites
Diet is not exactly on my mind, it has never been actually. So I’m no more going to buy foods recommended by others. So buy the foods that you would like eating and this would hereby prevent wastage. Eat well and sensibly, unprocessed and healthy food in the most nourishing proportions.

*Make your space clutter-free
So when clearing out the fridge can transform the way you think, it would be really effective to de-clutter all your spaces like your closet,, book rack, drawers etc. It would be making more space for better things in life, making you feel lighter and better along with being happier.

*Start saying NO
People who please are usually depressed at most of the times. No matter how much you do for the others, it would not be necessary that they would get back to us with a similar zeal. But this leaves you hurt as you start expecting what you do.
So if things are out of your reach, beyond your limits, learn saying NO, it would do great to your body and your mind.

*Do you really want to say a YES?
There are situations in life when we forcibly say no to things we really don’t wish for. Sometimes we need to take a break but looking after family commitments, work pressures, social responsibilities, we end up giving in and agreeing for things we actually don’t feel about.

Follow your heart, no matter how lucrative the offer might seem to be to your brain. Always give in if you’re sure, only sure!

Man cycled to Sweden to meet his wife

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This is a story that would break all the norms of romance, love and commitment. Love being a commitment, has no limitations, but the people who break all the boundaries just for loving someone are the real humans. Once we have more such people around, the world would indeed become a better place today that is suffering from hatred, cheating, infidelity and a lack of commitment, seeking the ample options available to the human kind.

This is a story about a poor man who fell in love with a rich girl. The girl has to go back to her country for obvious reasons. However the boy makes a promise to come and visit her there. With time, he struggles each day in order to lead his life, fulfill his commitments while planning to live the dream of uniting with the love of his life.

As even after trying hard, he was not able to create a situation of having enough money to go and meet her, he decides to try and just doesn’t give up. In order to keep up with his promise, he grabs a cycle and starts his journey while crossing through 8 countries to meet the love of his life!

Okay, no matter this might sound like a story of a romantic epic Bollywood film; however it remains to be a reality that can be made into a film for sure.

PK the guy behind the story has yet another time proved that a person can actually achieve all that he desires for; all he need is to be determined about it.

Pak was born in a deprived weaver family of Odisha, Dhenkanal in the year 1949. They were considered untouchable, while PK was a talented artist. But, his family never had enough money in order to spend and invest in his education. He faced a lot of condemnation owing to the feared caste system in our country.

In the year 1971, he joined College of Art in the capital city of our country and started to paint, and in the due course acquired fame for the portraits he created.

In 1975, 19-year-old Charlotte Von Sledvin, who was studying in London, came to know about his talent and came down to meet him all the way to India in order to get her portrait made. As it was destiny that attached a string uniting both of them together, he was stunned by her great looks and beautiful appearance; while she got attracted to his absolute simplicity. It started something called love!

Charlotte then took to be an Indian, while taking over the Indian name Charulata while they both married abiding by the customary ceremonies.

As the time came for Charlotte to leave, she asked her husband to accompany her back to her country where they could both live happily and lead a comfortable life.

While at that time PK was still studying and had his academic commitments, he asked for some more time and did not even accept tickets from his wife. He promised her to meet her on his own expense.
While both of them kept in touch through writing letters. After much struggle, PK could never gather the amount required to leave for her country, so he decided to bridge this gap between them on a bicycle.

He started from New Delhi, while crossing through Amritsar; he entered Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Germany, Australia and then Denmark. This journey is not as simple as it looks; he was actually riding all this while on his cycle that broke down a couple of times while there were many days with no food at all.

It took him 4 months and 3 weeks of this tiresome and long journey, before he could reach Gothenburg, Sweden.

It’s been 40 years since they have been married, Dr PK Mahanandia is the Odiya Cultural Ambassador of India to Sweden and is living happily ever since then with his wife Charlotte, while the couple have 2 amazing children in Sweden. His village that once sidestepped him being an untouchable, at the moment gives him a great welcome each time goes there.

“Now this is what we call Love”

No more sleepless nights anymore!!!

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Tips that will make your sleep in less than 3 minutes!!!

So, this is for all you insomniacs out there, we urge you to stop using your sleeping pills after reading this.
Yoga along with the great and rich Ayurveda can both be mingled together in order to establish the greatest sleep routine that not only relaxes your body but also freshen up your mind, making you a better person altogether. The entire process you would follow would be all natural and medicine free!

So, read on and get set to get a Good Night’s sleep just using these genius tips:

1. Get attached to nature
It is indeed the law of nature to sleep during night and work in the day time. As per Ayurveda, there is no morning or night person, the nature has made all of us in a similar way and that demands a natural sleep cycle of the day and night.
No matter how big a night owl you might become, but even after taking a complete 8 hour nap in the day time, you would not feel as fresh as you get up in the morning after a good night sleep.

The nature’s energetic forces make our sleep patterns and playing with it, could be playing with the nature which is certainly not good at all.

So, in order to get up all fresh and glowing this morning, make up your bed time routine and stick to it, always try and sleep between 10-11pm so that your cycle develops like this and you feel every bit of charged and fresh the nest morning.

Note: It might take some time to establish this routine, but go for it keep trying and achieve it to get the peace of mind!

2. How to create a bed time routine?
First of all create the right kind of atmosphere before your bed time, like turn off the distractions like TV, smartphones etc.

Dim the lights.

Don’t let your mind rush through a lot of thoughts; this would delay the sleep pattern to develop its toll.

Unwind yourself before the bed time, just relax during this time, do anything you enjoy, like reading a book, avoid watching TV of your Phone as electronics emit lights that tricks our bodies to get confused with the time, making sleep a lot more difficult to develop.

Maintain a calm routine, like reading, having a warm cup of milk with a few strands of saffron in it, hot water shower with a drop of lavender to sooth your senses etc.

You can also try foot massage with Ayurvedic oils that offer a rhythmic and grounding effect on your body making it easier to fall in sleep.

Also, think about the positive aspects in your life; don’t let stress and tensions bother you while you head towards the bed.

3. Try to soothe your mind with Yoga in bed
This yogic breathing exercises that enable you to inhale and exhale from your nostrils alternately. This is the only yogic move that would soothe and ease out your mind, therefore making you get into the bed in a much better way.

Practicing these tips on a regular basis would definitely heal you from within, making you sleep better, get up fresh and as a better awaken soul, making your day better, more productive and fruitful and making your mind concentrate over your tasks well. Get doing these tips and transform yourself into a morning person!

5 tips to keep your relationship Alive

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We all are living a stressed out and a rapid paced life. There are a lot of deadlines that we need to meet on a daily basis. Keeping up with the flying and evolving world around us, we have stopped thinking about the real beauty of our lives. Going behind the materialistic aspects of life, we have forgotten the real meaning of life and stopped enjoying our relationships.

Lack of time, strength and zeal are some of the major factors that affect the quality of the relations we have around us. This doesn’t mean that we are apart, the love has gone or we just don’t like it anymore, however we are lacking the expression which si yet again an extremely imperative element that supports a great relation.

Coming late from work, running around the home chores, kids, deadlines, cooking, grocery, bills, EMI and much more trap us strongly and we tend to forget the real happiness lies un being together or rather being happy together.
Marriage is a beautiful bond that connects us, gives a meaning to our lives, while being a commitment that stays and gets stronger by the year we spend with our loved ones.

Here are a few tips that would add the spark and the zeal back in your life, while make sure to follow them often:

1. Keep exploring through each other and play around
When the know it all stage comes, things tend to get monotonous, indeed, so get on exploring each other together, discover the new interests and current state of minds of your partner. Keep a box and keep adding the best moment you guys spend lately and keep doing this regularly to see the box get full very soon, hereby making you realize all the best moment in your life and yes they do happen quite  a lot.

2. Create the world around you, together!
Select one particular thing you both want and wish since a long time. Get together to make that happen!
It could be anything like buying a car a new home, or a simple dress. But this task would make you guys earn money, save, spend accordingly and all this and much more together.

3. Keep some time-off
The whole day and the entire week we keep looking dumbstruck on the tickling clock. Prioritize your care, maintain your bodies, go for a spa, rejuvenate and relax yourself together, unwind, all this much more, but together. It would make both of you become confident about your- self, the way you look and also offer you some alone and quite time together. This is would you more happy, productive and relaxed.

4. Stop being perfect
In the rat race of doing things in the best possible way always makes us feel disappointed, loose the track, over-work and then later on forces us to blame ourselves or the spouse for the results. However it’s better to put in your efforts but don’t drool over work on yourself trying to be just the best.

5. Take care of yourself
A happy person that make a happy relationship of a happy family, so it remains equally, or actually more important to keep yourself happy and content. Take some time out to groom you up, get a new haircut, or indulge in some shopping, read a book, take a shower. The catch is to do anything that makes you happy and makes you take care of your spouse in a better way.


It is easier to accomplish materialistic goals in life, however when things about relationship comes, we often feel bounded, don’t be in a relation just for the name, instead just try to once out I your soul and see the difference!

And the life moves on-All you need is courage

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This is a story about a young girl who was going for work, all chirpy and happy, enjoying the conditions and challenges of lives, alike any one of us, trying to make in big in the world. This girl was on her two-wheeler, when a trucked jammed in to her, completely crushing her leg, wounding her soul and breaking all her dreams apart. It wasn’t really the driver’s fault, as there was a sudden pillar that disturbed her vision. All the people around rushed the girl to the hospital and as you know about the current medical set up in our country, a lot of formalities were followed, preparations done while the girl’s leg got finally operated at 5:30 pm, whereas the accident took place at 9:30 am.

The operation went through, the doctors were successful and managed to somehow save her leg, however destiny had its own plan and the leg got caught with infection following the operation. The girl’s leg had to be surgically removed. As per the doctor, this was the only way to at least safe her life.

The girl took courage and managed to accept her fate and destiny rather than crying over what an awful aspect just happened in her life. Her motivation and acceptance made her all the more determined and strong to face what fate had in store for her. The girl’s strong prowess decided to accept the things that just cannot be changed, is there was indeed no point crying over something that had already happened and couldn’t be changed.
When people use to pity on her condition, while they visited her to offer sympathy and get emotional, this brave soul used to tell them jokes and ask them to accept whatever life offers, no matter what.

The girl in the days passing by took charge of the situation, took towards physiotherapy, and started learning to walk yet another time in life, although unplanned. The biggest fear she had in mind was regarding her favorite sport she had been passionate about that was playing Badminton. All these years right form the childhood she had been passionate about the game, while at the moment she could not even walk straight, leaving playing to just out of the question.
The day she got comfortable with walking with one of the iron legs, she decided to play. She tried and managed to play while achieving and making it really big in life.

She started playing and slowly began to win corporate badminton tournaments, and with her will, confidence and her peer group she started to apply for the national level and managed to grab several medals at the National level while in the current year, she managed to win Silver in the Para Badminton World Championship that was held in England. The girl took towards training for 5 hours a day, while pursuing her job as a software engineer; she has also completed her training in Scuba Diving and loves travelling, while she has seen most of India.

When asked about from where she gathers such an amazing and enormous strength, the chirps back saying you can do this too!

Unsafe Foods for small kids

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Not everything in the food category can be safe and healthy for your small toddler. We have seen parents getting really excited to introduce new food items in the list of items your baby eats or prefers, while the reason is still unknown, however  it is really important to know what all foods can negatively impact the health of your child, while nutrition and good health is the only motive behind feeding our children. Infants and toddler have sensitive and weak immune and digestive system. There are a few food items that can prove to be dangerous and should be avoided completely without a miss.

If you are a new and first time parent, read on further and make sure you avoid giving these food items to your kids who are extremely small and would not be able to handle them, hereby falling sick.

*Big Bites
Make sure you feed your toddler being as big as your fingertip. Make sure they are soft, properly cooked before you give it your toddler.

Avoid giving them whole grapes; always make sure to cut the grapes vertically in two pieces before you give it to your kid.

*Avoid Honey in the First year
Honey is completely to be avoided during the 1yser of the baby’s growth. It can lead to infant botulism.

*Hard and sticky items
Do not give very sticky and hard food to the small kids, as they might get stuck to your child’s throat.

*Tinned Foods
Avoid canned and tinned packed food for your small kids, try and offer fresh home cooked food and see them blossom and smile in the pink of their health.

Afraid of the choking aspect, avoid giving any sort of nuts to small kids, at least till they understand the concept behind chewing food.

Although choking can take place with anything while you children are small, however taking in a few precautions with food can reduce the problem and bring down the situation even more. Take just a few precautions and maintain your healthy child with lots of love, care and a little bit of a watch!

Always remember to make delicious, healthy and safe food items for your kids and let them play their pranks and enjoy life, since childhood is the most treasured and the best period of our lives, so let them grow in little individuals helping them out fight the odds in life well and apt.

Tips to serve your toddler:

*Avoid giving foods that might choke up the baby

*Offer warm, nicely cooked mashed, grated or tiny bites of food

*Make sure you child eats sitting on his high chair while feeding solids.

*Tech your child to avoid talking while eating

*Clear out as soon as the toddler shows done signs, there are chances of food being spread all over.

*keep a watch on the introduction of new foods in order to analyze any food allergies.

*As it carries s a lot of mercury, avoid offering Fish to small kids.

The new Revolution of Smartphones

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The need of Smartwatches is rising in the market, owing to its compatibility to do most of the things our smart phones do, without the hassle of handling a device in your hands. All in all the smart watch is an ideal purchase,, tempting its buyers in the market. While the android based smart watches have been around in the market since more than a year now, while the Apple watch has changed the way altogether, being stylish, premium, extremely upscale with a performance that is truly unmatched in the market.

There are numerous models out there in the market, offerings products that are innovative, compatible, great layouts, indeed leaving the buying decision over the buyer, who is free to make choice from the various options available in abundance now.

After all, the watch is not just going to perform great but also at the same time adore your wrist and make the world look out to you by envy!!!

Similar to the smartphone revolution that keeps emerging in the market every now and then, however the Smartwatches are taking the market for a storm at the moment. There are many options available out there in the market, however the main competition is basically amongst the Apple and the Android based Smartwatches.
Then the next sub-category arises, of the products that are all android based, there are many options out in the market rolled out from the giants like Samsung, Motorola, LG etc.

Talking about the Apple smart watch, there is nothing negative to talk about it, while the watched does come out with a huge price tag, other than that there is certainly any limitation in this particular offering. The premium looks, refined material along with some of the greatest features performing at their best highlight the presence of the watch in the luxury oriented premium customer range.

On the other hand there are many android based options in the market, making the customer to choose from a huge platter to make their pick from, asking buying a smart watch much easier, pocket friendly while the watch comes laden with most of the features that the Apple offers. The layout also looks pretty decent, light in weight and good.
At the moment the Smartwatches are rapidly gaining momentum, while they have been here since quite some now, but 2015 was the year that saw a great rise in its eminence and people are really getting inclined towards this gadget in the market.

No matter they are in much love with their smart watches still, however while the people work it gets tough to check out on the important messages, emails notifications etc., so for those times, a smart watch is really very handy, making people just wear it on the go and be connected with the rest of the world on their hand, literally!!!
Smartwatches are indeed making people get the power of the internet almost each time they are on the go, while leaving their mobile in the bag or whatever, its convenience is the basic USP of this Smart watch. Its use has made the world go crazy about how greatly they can check upon their messages, their friend’s social networking status, their bank accounts tabs and much more, without really using their hands to even lift a phone, while carrying the internet power in right on their hands.

Stop blaming winters for weight gain now

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We offer the top 5 tips to avoid gaining weight this winter season!!!

So, stop taking the excuse of eth warm and woolen bulky clothing to sneak in whatever you want and gain weight while blaming the winter season for it. Just enjoy the best time of the year, enjoying in the winter season, without the worry and the apprehension of gaining weight. Here we offer a 5 pointer to make you ready and prepared to face the winter blues.

Winters can be an unwelcoming period of year for weightwatchers, and not just since it’s the best time to holiday. The icy weather has a tendency to barge in your exercise regime, make you feel lazy and urge you to indulge in comforts food habits like mac and cheese, processed packaged food, while you just don’t feel like eating the cold fruits and veggies that leads to weight gain and overeating.

While seasonal gain in weight is often different from person to person, but there have been experiments and surveys conducted so far that always depict the winter season showing more weight gain compared to the other months of the year. However a healthy indulgence, a balanced diet plan and lots of exercise can make you enjoy the icy cold season, look absolutely stunning dressed in casual or formal layered garments making your skin glow in the icy winds.

The winter season scientifically has no relation with any-body type gaining weight; it’s just our habits that make us lethargic, increasing out weight, hereby depending highly upon the eating pattern and less or no exercise. The good news about fighting the pounds of winter is that cold and dark do not appear to be responsible for overeating, for most of us.

For most of us, weight gain during the winter season is majorly due to the reduction in exercise and rise in eating. However even if you are eating more, make sure to exercise and fight it out as the body metabolism works its best during the colder seasons, hereby making it tough to accumulate fat in your body if you play round with it by moving your body.

So this winter season, get prepared to fight it out, we offer 5 top tips for you to cope up the winter season, while maintaining the shape of your body.
1. Exercise : the word Make a constant, achievable and steady fitness regime and stay clear of gaining weight no matter you are indulging a little over. The days get darker soon, so by the time you come back from work, the dark and cold surroundings urge you to cuddle in your warm blanket to watch TV, but if you would maintain to carry on with your fitness schedule you would not just feel fit, but also less cold.

2. East something before you step out : Fruits and veggies combos’ are the body’s best friend and not fried, fatty and rich starchy foods like pizza, burgers, brownies etc. So each time you go out to the mall, shopping or to a party for that matter, fill your stomach with lots of fruits and veggies so that you consume less of these tasty yet harmful food items. As per studies, eating out, adds up like 40 calories in our diets. The eating out is more like a fashion than a basic need, so avoid that and limit it to once in a week or 15 days.

3. Avoid alcohol : Alcohol is laden with empty calories. And since the winter season is full of celebrations, weddings and parties, there are more occasions to offer alcohol to you. It’s the easiest way to consume empty calories, without being aware of it. We highly recommend you to drink a glass of water or a diet soda before and after every alcoholic beverage to help you space up and also dilute the effect of alcohol in your body.

4. Exercise every-where : Even if you have been indulgent into eating calorie rich food at a party of a dinner out, then try to compensate the same in the following days by easting simple home cooked food.
Take a brisk walk after your lunch at work and after dinner. Use stairs I place of elevators whenever possible.

5. Don’t forget having Fun : The main reason is to enjoy your holidays and your parties, without the worry to about what will happen next. Life is too short to worry so much, just be happy in whatever you’re doing while keep the goal towards fitness all close to yu.

Do Start-ups lack Peer coaching?

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Most of the successful and big companies know about the importance of peer coaching. The success in custom-made business training outspreads not only to the executives but also to high-potential, skilled and proficient employees. Coaching is just like giving guidelines in order to make the employees more focused, churning out a better potential hereby making them interesting and make the trainer understand the concepts well and train the employees further on. 

Training or guiding in the existing work flow and scenario is not a very easy task, so it is imperative for companies to either hire trainers or outsource the work to agencies who send trainers of freelance basis, hereby offering a great wire to the existing work scenario and adding up to the potential of your current employees, however this system can prove to be a little expensive and might not be able to be carried over a long period of time.

Support of peer-to-peer coaching

While we talk about speaking well and leading in any particular organization, these elements are indeed important in each and every organization. Any organization aims at offering goals, achieving them and hereby attaining success and thus making profit, name and fame while growing ahead in the sphere of life, leading and competing in terms of expanding and evolving. All these aspects are well achievable, and possible. However each company needs a thorough plan to coach each and every individual in the company, making them aware of the current advanced trends and methods so that everybody can work putting in the best of efforts and extracting success in its current model.
The relationship and connection between a mentor while peer coaching is symbolic to teaching the greatest trend in the most in-expensive and most underutilized approach while spreading the much required change in any organization.
Peer coaching is a crucial aspect in all the development programs in most of the companies. This particular attitude has been extremely operative in assisting companies create and establish a squad containing the cream of the crop who are not just better and enthusiastically self-aware, however they also carry the knowledge and the altitude towards helping the others to get on the similar age and grow unanimously throughout the organization.

This is the most apt method to spread the coaching experience throughout big organizations that are equally rich with established and refined employees who deliver the best and especially startups who just cannot afford raining agencies during the initial phase of their sustenance.

So, indeed, irrespective of the fact of you being a startup or an established business, motivate your old and more experienced employees to step forward and create a learning curve around them, so that any employee can benefit from their knowledge, learn and try to imbibe similar qualities in them and achieve success, while keeping the company’s expenses also in place and not over sending where not required.

Following these simple yet effective steps, it would be extremely easy and structured to put all your employees to stick on the similar level of knowledge and deficiency like the others there.

Latest technology by Apple all set to change the way you Touch

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Touchscreen phones have been the trend setters since the last couple of years. They have indeed changed the entire perspective of technology, offerings its amazing presence in the daily tasks we do, making them extremely easy and user friendly.

Touch screen has given a makeover to tons of different devices, its use along with its importance and usage in our daily lives.

Starting from touch screen smart phones, to tablets, laptops, desktops, music systems, display screen and many more has acquired the advanced and imperative technology of a Touch that offers its great presence and comfort for the users, making the use of the internet much easier, rapid and prompt as well.

So, after changing the outlook of the entire scenario throughout the globe, Apple introduces another revolution out in the market called the 3D Touch.

Compared to the regular force touch that apple has been using at the moment has a greater presence, advance effect while offering a complete make over to the entire scenario. This touch is nothing big to brag about, however the way it would change our lives on a daily basis is commendable.

The way you would bring a change in the way you use your phone is the precise difference Apple intends to roll out. While creating both the technologies on a similar platform, what exact difference it offers is the question in your mind right?

Well this is the exact apprehension in the minds of millions of users in the market.

But here is what all a 3D touch can actually do:

Apart from the good looks, the great camera picture quality, Apple has introduced the 3D touch a revolutionary change in the way the touch screen phones work, is the screen, actually the stuff under the screen that stimulated such a an awesome experience while using the touch screen.  3D touch is all about the great level of sensitivity that is offered by the technology making you touch without having the need to apply any sort of a pressure. Apple has constructed its software that directly connected with its UI. All you got to do is apply a little more pressure and see the world in the smartphone changing completely.

No matter it might sound like a marketing gimmick, as if Apple is just giving its touch a technology yet another fancy name, right?

Well, the answer is definitely a No, as the difference definitely exists, while offering a great experience and user friendly rich technology, changing the game for Apple to achieve another milestone.
 You would get closer to the reality only once you yourself would get to use the 3D Touch, making a difference in the way you use the Apple phone.

Apple aims at offering a revolutionary layout of the touchscreen in order to get the users closer to the way things actually happen in a smartphone. You get to peek on your messages, emails ryc instantly, while by applying a little more pressure can actually take your to a level above.

Tips to Loose the Stubborn Belly fat without going to the Gym

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We all are trapped in the vicious circle of a busy life when the work and family demands drained every inch in us, leaving no room left to take care of our bodies. People are packed and busy working up till late in the night, while getting dressed and leaving the house for work in a hurry the next morning, so is it just going to be like this forever?

Are we going to get unhealthy or we quit our responsibilities, what do we do to remain healthy and fit without spending too much of time!!!

Well, we completely understand the boat you are sailing in the, probably most of are, however fret not now as we have  complete and thorough solution for it, read on and get ready to get rid of the stubborn fat and welcome the new energized and pepped up you!!!!

Because we need to stop blaming the routine of our life and get back on the track in order to sustain in this fast paced life, so read ahead and go through these tips in order to transform the way you look:

*Practice the right breathing techniques in the Morning

Stress often leads to the storage of fat in our bodies, deep and slow breathing brings down stress. Make it a point to practice deep and slow breathing each morning and Trust us to feel lighter and stress free with each breath going out.
Inhale and then breathe the air in and exhale out after a count of 3.Pause now for a count of 3 and inhale back again.

*Be sure about your Sleep cycle

Get a good and tight night sleep and make sure you get your sleep time fixed. Maintain a sleep schedule and make sure to follow the same. A proper sleep time is to sleep early at a fixed time and getting up early on a fixed time too.
If you are aware till late at night, this factor leads to accumulate fat in your belly.

*Try Olive Oil

The taste is quite Mediterranean that most of us Indian are not really used to, however the Olive oil carries immense healthy aspects that makes eating an extremely easy option for all the food lovers you tempt for your favorite bites. You can change the way you look by simply changing the way you cook.

*Have an early Dinner

Yes to matter it sounds vague but having your dinner as early as possible after 6 pm, the ideal time. The later you have your dinner, your body turns the most into fat, as there is nothing else you are going, instead of sitting or resting down, leaving no option for the body to convert he food into fat and store it.

*Keep a tab on your parties

As they say work hard and party harder, but if you are trying to walk the fitter path, then your parties need to be moderate, keeping a tab on the number of your drinks as well as starters. The more alcohol you intake, the chances of high blood sugar arises hereby putting a burden over your liver.

*Avoid Eating out a lot

At least during the week days avoid eating junk food out; instead control your portions by cooking fresh, healthy and light meals for yourself at home.

 *Drink vegetable juice and eats your fruits

Vegetables and fruits both are extremely healthy and are full of anti-oxidants, however drinking a lot of fruit juice can lead to the storage of fat and it eventually becomes sugar minus the fiber. However you need to juice your veggies as cooking them makes them loose their vitals.

The Emergent Automotive portals

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India has one of the most supreme and influential fan following for the automotive sector for even if it is for the updates and news from all the corners of the globe. Little boys grow up playing with their toy car models and no matter what, they are truly deeply connected with cars and bike, that’s why they never grow up being around cars all day long. It certainly is not possible to stay and talk about cars, reviews, latest gadget for the car etc. Indeed considering the endless work pressures, deadlines, family commitment etc. make no room for them to personally visit and explore the latest in the market.

However since we are living by the most imperative internet revolution at the moment, it has become really easy and apt to read through the latest buzz, owing to the emerging auto-portals over the web that makes life full of fun, facts and details, hereby feeding all the auto news cravings for all the fans in the country.

The automotive portals, like the autocarbazar are really exciting as they offer the best in the market, even before the cars and bikes are officially launch in the global and native markets.

Such portals not only help out the fanatics, but on a more serious thought, offer its supreme and effective service like car loan, car insurance, prices, discounts, quality and many more aspects that leads towards the satisfaction and happiness of the readers, keeping them fortified with all the information they need to purchase a new car or a bike, along with real time authentic reviews making the user find a complete one stop solution for all his automotive needs.

Autocarbazar carries a list of the most prevalent models and makes the most imperative and established brand by selling and buying of the various cars and bikes in India.

India has the 10th largest automobile industry in the world; India’s automobile industry is growing and expanding as one of the most thriving global industry in the upcoming years. Specifically talking about the Indian car market, which is coming up the chart gradually becoming to be known as the most enthusiastic market in the world?

Auto portals have in a very positive way connected really well with the audience and the mass of our country today, while the day begins with reading about the latest and the most innovative news from the automobile world that can release the level of satisfaction and glory of the fans out there.
Since the world is evolving around us and the internet has become as the most sorted and hooked on concept. Auto portals are really enjoying their space in the web world these days, offering the most innovative, cutting edge and latest news on the buzz of the auto world, in and around our country.

I know so many who like to start their day with a cup of hot chai and their favorite web portal that offers comprehensive details about their loved cars, their launch dates, spy stories, prices, reviews and much more!


Car Insurance and Floods

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The ongoing flood situation in Chennai has made us think about the various cars and houses that suffer especially when you just can’t do anything about it, leaving no option behind. There have been flood situations earlier as well in our country, but owing to the string social media condition and the connected and bond people have in this highly technical era, the awareness and eth details shared are very much indeed on a bigger platform. Indeed these natural calamities remind us about the nature and its power beyond anything else, no technology, no money, nothing has the power to face the power and the wish of the nature.
Mumbai witnessed a similar flood situation a few years back, so that really made us wonder upon the cars or other vehicles submerged into the water, in front of your eyes, however without any option to take them somewhere else, so what can be done in a situation like this, when your much loved, hard earned possession gets in trouble?

*Primary Step:
It would be imperative to inform your insurance company as soon as possible. This would be really beneficial as the Insurance rep would guide you through the procedure they have in their respective company. There are many pre-planning that is required in order to register a claim in special situations like this. Keep pictures or videos handy with you so as to support your claim.

*keep your dealer in loop:
I’m sure you would be aware of the dealer you went through, in order to let you know about the best authorized service station located nearest to you. It would be the best option to keep them posted about the current situation. They would guide you better with the claim related process.

*Seek Help:
The insurance company would direct their representative to review the car. He would examine the vehicle, examine it and grounded on the examination generate a report and let you know regarding the contents it would cover. It is a great idea to let your dealer be around at this particular time as he would be able to get you better coverage on the technical side. If recognized, there are barely any aggravations while claims come in picture. They are very much within the cover and are covered well.

* Pick the Policy carefully:
While you are shopping to buy the right policy to protect your car, make sure to go with the zero depreciation policy owing to its aspect that covers all comprising the natural calamities. Otherwise there is another option to make a little extra payment and get the clause of natural calamity added on to your insurance policy. Aspects such as floods may be rare; however we need to keep them in mind just in case.
But, a dealership won't no initiate correcting your vehicle till the time your insurance agents examines the vehicle entirely, organizes a report and directs the dealership with a yes to move ahead.

*Don’t let the layman touch your car:
Even if you are mechanically sound, there is no point trying being a hero. Don’t attempt and start the car all by yourself. If nothing more, it would spoil your chances while it comes with getting a decent claim on your insurance policy. Ensure you notify and record a claim before attempting to get your car back, up and running by itself.
If you take an attempt to start the vehicle, and the water makes it way to the engine, it can get really tough to get the claim as most of the insurance companies may not offer a cover for this making life tougher for you in such circumstances.

Top 5 things you need to do every day as a couple

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You along with your partner are already committed to each other and you love doing things to stay together, strengthen this bond of love and make you feel connected to each other all the more.Making your connection and bond stronger by the years is the essence of every marriage. However with the increasing busy pace of life, work pressure, deadlines, demands etc, the time to make each other feel special and loved is just not on the list anymore!
This scenario and situation is indeed taking a toll on this wonderful relationship and the association of marriage is getting a shift. We offer a list of 7 distinct actions that should be cherished each and every day, sneaking some time out of your busy schedules and making space for each other, doing tiny things to make the other person feel loved and cherished.

5 things every couple should do:

1.Talk it out

Of course you always enjoy each other’s company; however you often forget to engage in the lovely talks that fulfill the gap you guys had all day long. You also get closer to the good and the awful parts of each other’s day, offer help to each other. Sometimes it’s not exactly a resolution we are looking for, we just need someone to hear us out and we‘re sorted, aren’t we?

2. Hug each other everyday

Hugging comes as a natural in couples who love each other. But it also offers numerous benefits too. An embrace offers a sense of safety, protection, makes you feel loves and also reduces the stress level. When you hug someone, we feel protected, and don’t feel alone anymore, no matter what stress we must be going through then. Hugging stimulates the release of numerous neurotransmitters in our brains like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. All these hormones help us feel happy, reduce the stress and makes us feel good about ourselves.

3. Forgive each other

There is no one perfect in life. As they say the grass always looks greener at the other end, similarly we always find the life o other better than ours, however this certainly is not true always and each individual has its own set of problems and limitations in life.
We tend to do mistakes and when we realize the same and feel sorry, it becomes equally imperative for the other partner to forgive. Not let going the issue of life and keeping them deep inside as grudges would just make you feel unhappy, alone and stressed out. Human is a social animal who definitely doesn’t want to stay alone. Not forgiving and punishing your spouse often leads to create a gap and rift between your marriage making you guys be distant with each other, Forgiving people releases the tension and allows you to make a new start.

4. Laugh out together

You must have often heard about laughter being the best medicine, similarly it is indeed the best therapy to heal your marriage as well. You do not really need a comic situation. However we strongly recommend you to maintain humor in your life, in the best of situation and share it with your partner.  Just laugh on your silly mistakes with your spouse, make him/her laugh on you etc. Laughter releases tension and offers an emotional bond of joy in you and your partner.

5. Dont forget to say the magical words

How often do you let your partner know that you love them, when was the last time you let them know how precious they were for you?
I’m sure you don’t even remember that, this is exactly where the modern people lack. They are so busy keeping in mind the deadlines, bill dates, numbers, figures, facts etc that they completely forget the importance and the potency to let your partner know that you Love them.

No matter what all actions you do for your spouse like taking them out, buying their needs, gifts, cook for them, do the laundry etc. But words carry enormous power in them and that leaves a greater impact on your relationship.