Stop blaming winters for weight gain now

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We offer the top 5 tips to avoid gaining weight this winter season!!!

So, stop taking the excuse of eth warm and woolen bulky clothing to sneak in whatever you want and gain weight while blaming the winter season for it. Just enjoy the best time of the year, enjoying in the winter season, without the worry and the apprehension of gaining weight. Here we offer a 5 pointer to make you ready and prepared to face the winter blues.

Winters can be an unwelcoming period of year for weightwatchers, and not just since it’s the best time to holiday. The icy weather has a tendency to barge in your exercise regime, make you feel lazy and urge you to indulge in comforts food habits like mac and cheese, processed packaged food, while you just don’t feel like eating the cold fruits and veggies that leads to weight gain and overeating.

While seasonal gain in weight is often different from person to person, but there have been experiments and surveys conducted so far that always depict the winter season showing more weight gain compared to the other months of the year. However a healthy indulgence, a balanced diet plan and lots of exercise can make you enjoy the icy cold season, look absolutely stunning dressed in casual or formal layered garments making your skin glow in the icy winds.

The winter season scientifically has no relation with any-body type gaining weight; it’s just our habits that make us lethargic, increasing out weight, hereby depending highly upon the eating pattern and less or no exercise. The good news about fighting the pounds of winter is that cold and dark do not appear to be responsible for overeating, for most of us.

For most of us, weight gain during the winter season is majorly due to the reduction in exercise and rise in eating. However even if you are eating more, make sure to exercise and fight it out as the body metabolism works its best during the colder seasons, hereby making it tough to accumulate fat in your body if you play round with it by moving your body.

So this winter season, get prepared to fight it out, we offer 5 top tips for you to cope up the winter season, while maintaining the shape of your body.
1. Exercise : the word Make a constant, achievable and steady fitness regime and stay clear of gaining weight no matter you are indulging a little over. The days get darker soon, so by the time you come back from work, the dark and cold surroundings urge you to cuddle in your warm blanket to watch TV, but if you would maintain to carry on with your fitness schedule you would not just feel fit, but also less cold.

2. East something before you step out : Fruits and veggies combos’ are the body’s best friend and not fried, fatty and rich starchy foods like pizza, burgers, brownies etc. So each time you go out to the mall, shopping or to a party for that matter, fill your stomach with lots of fruits and veggies so that you consume less of these tasty yet harmful food items. As per studies, eating out, adds up like 40 calories in our diets. The eating out is more like a fashion than a basic need, so avoid that and limit it to once in a week or 15 days.

3. Avoid alcohol : Alcohol is laden with empty calories. And since the winter season is full of celebrations, weddings and parties, there are more occasions to offer alcohol to you. It’s the easiest way to consume empty calories, without being aware of it. We highly recommend you to drink a glass of water or a diet soda before and after every alcoholic beverage to help you space up and also dilute the effect of alcohol in your body.

4. Exercise every-where : Even if you have been indulgent into eating calorie rich food at a party of a dinner out, then try to compensate the same in the following days by easting simple home cooked food.
Take a brisk walk after your lunch at work and after dinner. Use stairs I place of elevators whenever possible.

5. Don’t forget having Fun : The main reason is to enjoy your holidays and your parties, without the worry to about what will happen next. Life is too short to worry so much, just be happy in whatever you’re doing while keep the goal towards fitness all close to yu.

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