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Without a doubt iPhone 6S Plus is a prompt and quick device for any of its use, be it talking over the smart phone, chatting, using the web, video calling, apps and much more. It indeed is way too fast because it just carries the capacity to display the lock screen notifications for a mere second. Once you need to actually read over them, you would require going over the power toggle in place of the home key.
Hypothetically, 3D Touch had to be modified to bridge the gap in between the usual insufficiency of iOS and the iPhone hardware carrying just one button.

It works in three stages of pressure:
*Normal touch,
*Touch a little harder
* Harder touch
It's spontaneous and does make the usage much faster. This is the only function carrying the capacity to leave the other touch screens behind.
This is basically dependent upon the way the iOS is constructed; apps freeze at the backend. Memory, CPU and battery usage is reduced for that app however you can still use it almost instantly.

While you consider this on any of the fastest Android phone around, you would certainly find a delay by a few seconds.

App Talk

Ever since it was launched, the iPhone carried a greater camera and the iPhone 6S hardware comprise of the feature iSight camera containing 12MP sensors. Focusing on the low light performance of these cameras that is an unmatched aspect in the market, along being supplemented with optical image stabilization on iPhone 6S that makes clicking great pictures very easily.

Then the lets put the focus over the app permissions, but let’s talk about it:
There is a long list of things that you are allowed to do over using the app.

A few of the common required permissions are like the access to location, photo album, camera and microphone.

*Android phones- You get a long listed page that you will have to agree before you can install the app that can be quite lengthy and annoying at times.
*iOS-  The app would ask you only after you finish the install, if you want can have the option to deny permissions at a coarse level.

TrueCaller on Android would display the name/company of the caller whereas the phone is still buzzes. Supportively, if a caller is a spam, already marked, it would show up in a red.

Once you get TrueCaller on iOS, it would just be like a directory. You get to copy-paste numbers from the call list into it to check names.

iPhones have high-quality screens, however comparing them with Super AMOLEDs that Samsung uses on its leading offerings. They boost of higher resolution, much higher contrast and outstanding popping colors pop.

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