Can we have a safe and peaceful Diwali?

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Following the peaceful and sorted Durga Puja that consists of the immersion of the goddess Durga in ponds in the observance of High Court orders, the district administration is hoping and requesting the mass of the state to maintain harmony and decorum while making sure there is peace everywhere during the approaching festival of Diwali, being considered as the most auspicious and well celebrated festival of the country.

The festive spirit of Diwali has always been high in people, as it is indeed known as one of the most imperative and well celebrated festival of the country. Each family, big or small, rich or poor celebrated this grand festival in their own individual method. There is a huge sales boost for the various elements that are purchased, cherished and enjoyed by the people of our country, during the celebrations.

While starting from home decor, furnishings, textiles, hardware, garment, food, sweets, bakery items, footwear, electronics, gadgets, home appliances while the list is still a lot more vendors witness an unmatched hike during this festival that is unmatched for the entire year on one side and Diwali celebrations on the other.
We have been hearing about the harmful effects of the crackers that are sold, purchased and used during Diwali, but the noise and environment pollution still exists, while hampering the stability of the atmosphere for days to come.
There are several ill effects of bursting cracker and polluting our surroundings, buy making the animals and thousands of birds die due to the same.

There are several children who suffer from allergies due to this little perk that we enjoy. However this being a completely individual choice, no one can be banned on buying, seeing or bursting crackers yet, however we individually need to realize our surroundings and initiate ourselves to do at least our bit. It’s high time we make our pick, realize the importance of saying no to crackers, educate our children and hereby lay the foundations of having a brighter and a safer future by asking them to indulge into several other aspects and activities related to this grand festival, rather than using and bursting crackers that our extremely dangerous of us and all the living organisms around us.

Here is a list of things we can ask our children to enjoy, instead to bursting crackers:

*Keep them engaged with offering their favorite foods, and have a party.

*Kids love having, pizzas, burgers, fries, cakes, muffins etc, so go easy on the sugar and let them delight in their favorites this Diwali.

*Buy them an alternate Diwali gift, instead of crackers, like toys, dresses, books, colors, games and much more so that they spend their day being busy with it.

*Call a kids party at home, put on a BAL Ganesha or any other animated movie for them on the LED screen, offer their favorite movie time snacks like popcorn and nachos, while they enjoy the films along with their friends and forget about crackers.

*Explain them the hazardous effects of crackers and noise pollution.

*Ask their choice, this would make them more independent and responsible for protecting the atmosphere around them.

*Dance, sing, play and entertain them, having a family dinner followed by a nice book story and cuddle the night of Diwali, praying for your children and the entire family, doing your bit for the environment.

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