How to look good naturally?

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We always love washing our face with the best of face washes and beauty products, that all help in removing the layers of dust, pollution and shine out the natural baby soft and glowing skin, right after we splash our face with water, isn’t it?

But have you ever wonder where does that glow vanishes once you’re out getting dressed, or just reached worked. I bet the skin doesn’t even retain half the glow that we just checked in the mirror of the wash basin.

Ever wondered why?

Here we let you know, as you have been washing your face wrong all this while, here is a guide that would clearly let you know about the dos and the donts about washing your face.

But trust me there is nothing great in these tips, it’s just the way that should be ideally followed and there you would be sparkling all day with a beautiful, glowing and clear skin.
All you’d need is a good facial cleanser that would make sure to make your skin get rid of the harmful pollutants, dirt, germs etc.

But what if you have been washing your face wrong all these days???

*Picking on the product, right for you
All this while you have been buying cleansing products based upon advertisements or seeing your friends use them, right?

*Do not go excessive
How much is too much, have you ever thought about it?
Especially women tend to have extremely sensitive and soft skin on the face, hence over-washing can cause the pores to be disturbed, make the skin deprived of the natural oils, dry and if in case you have an oily skin, it would get worse if in case its washed more than its required to. Over-washing your face would make the skin hard and produce more of sebum. Ideally twice a day of face wash is considered enough.

*Water temperature
No one pays attention to the water used to clean your face, right?
If in case you think cold water is great for your skin, I bet you’re wrong, as it would do no good to your pores.
In case you consider hot water for washing your face, let me tell you are absolutely wrong as it would stimulate the glands and produce additional sebum.
Lukewarm water is considered to be the best option for a healthy face wash.

*Stop rubbing the towel
Most of the people rub the skin on the face after a wash or a bath, similarly like they rub their bodies, however we need to understand that the skin on the face is 10 times thinner than our bodies, indeed you need to just pat the towel to dry your skin on the face in order to make you’re the cells remain intact and the natural oils are well maintained.

*Moisturize immediately
We highly recommend you to dab on a layer of your soft and enriching moisture lock cream or lotion right after face wash, in order to keep your skin soft and supple.

Hope the above guide would make sure you have a flawless and healthy skin, no matter what the season is!!

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