Are we changing?

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Well the world around is changing a lot, and so are we. We have evolved technically, financially, emotionally as well as mentally. We have become all the more practical, mentally strong, independent and make a lot of choice related to our likes, dislikes, choices, options and much more.

So in this rapidly evolving society, cultures, habits, food, clothes, almost everything under the sun has gone under a makeover!

Do you remember the last time you visited your relatives? But you would surely remember the menu on offer in the club last month, right…. So here arises a question that has lost its prominence, however its sure still exists!
Are we really advancing or have we lost the path and track that aged back to our culture, our upbringing, and the things our grandparents and parents taught us, the meaning of love, the trust in respect and the real happiness in sharing all that we had.

So can we really say that we are technically getting advanced and modern, well not sure about it? Gadgets have take the position, where hobbies and friends used to be, so can’t say more about being modern or getting trapped in the vicious circle of machined elements around us, guiding us and keeping us away from the essence of life.

So, here we have jotted down a few aspects that guide our lives, making us advanced and progressive, while being connected to our roots at the same time:

*Use watsapp for forwarding jokes, messages or simply your thoughts, but care to call your friends and relatives on their special days instead to texting.
You little gesture makes a difference in the other person’s special moments like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

*Keep Face book a medium to connect, not communicate with yor social circle, do plan get together, meets, picnics, luncheons, dinners etc, be modern however keep your roots alive.

*Use your Sunday socializing, living your hobbies, indulging into helping our others at least twice a month, is that much of a big deal?

*We recommend you to peep above your smart phones, while you’re on the go, appreciate the natural surroundings, observe the beauty in different people around you, it always would make you aware of the real world, apart from the reel world.

*Get yourself associated with what you like, this way you would spend some of the time learning or pursuing what you like for instance painting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, rather anything under the sun to take you off those amoled screens for sure.

*Maintain an off time each day, keep it minimal however stick on to it, making it your resolution, like take 30-60 minutes off, wherein during this time, you would be off your desktops, laptops, ipads, Smartphone, anything and everything digital.

Life always evolved and we had been living without these gadgets most part of our lives, so hereby now when the digital world has become a part of us, it is evidently possible for us to at least maintain cordial relations around and sneak in some of the me-time, without the hassle of screens all around us, what do you think?

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