Is it all about marks and Grades in India?

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We have grown in a highly competitive environment ourselves, where fighting hard to score good marks, lead in the rat race, get the best subjects to choose from, followed by the best of colleges that we should get admittance to, and then finally the nest of companies to hire us with great salary packages and the circle becomes vicious, sounds similar?

But have you ever wondered why?
Why are we always expected to do the best things in life, why can’t we achieve in life with an ease, without discomforting ourselves. We I’m certainly not pointing out hard work and dedication, since they are a must in order to shape the future and be responsible, but the added pressure to do better than the rest kills the mental being of any human.

These days the world has become really obsessed with the competition around, we have become running hard and crazy about the competition at work, trying to prove ourselves as better parents, choosing the best food, the best homes, jobs, cars, and even kids!

I urge to ask yourself, why this madness, why these rush, we have been running the entire life and now we expect the same from our kids as well. The moment a small child joins a play school, totting off with tiny feet and small hands, he is made to perform a rhyme or a song at the stage, the teachers cheer the ones who sing or dance well, while the quite ones start collecting at the last bench.

Can you imagine the kind of mental stress and burden the kids are receiving, with us realizing of the fact? This is affecting the mental health of every human being existing in this mad rush of crazy competition.

We all have learnt the best possible ways to keep our bodies fit, over eating a well balanced diet, to joining expensive and latest gyms, practicing meditation, yoga and what not. Have we ever thought about keeping the minds healthy?

Working for longs hours in the office, coming home with the burden of responsibilities, travelling away in luxurious cars, but stuck in traffic jams for endless hours, all this takes a toll and pressurizes the brains too.

The mind needs to be relaxed, free from all sorts of tensions, breathe in the open air, other than being in the AC rooms all day and night.

We share a few tips that would help you achieve a healthy state of mind, disconnect you from the materialistic world and make you enjoy life as it is a accept your potential and not force yourself on things that are either tough or beyond reach, relax, take some time out and read through:

*Go for an early morning walk, you body and mind would relax, taking deep breaths, release the toxins and the burdens off your mind and discover a healthy state of your mind.

*Maintain and regularize your sleep schedule. Try sticking to your time, while you go to sleep and get up next morning. This would give relaxation to your mind, making it adapt to a regular schedule that would act as a go off mode.

*Do not force yourself towards anything in life. Your well being is the most important aspect; health is the only gold that you would cherish all your life and don’t try money and luxuries replace it.

*Stay happy! Happy hormones always keep the mind, body and your mood in the best of its state. Life is not easy all the time, there are relevant ups and downs that each of us need to deal with, however don’t let them disturb the peace in you.

*Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet full of fresh fruit and veggies in order to keep you fit and active as refined as well as processed food makes the digestion sluggish, making you slow, incompetent. Hereby your life slow, hampering you mind’s health and well being.

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