The Evolved journey of Kajol

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The forever so timeless beauty of the Bollywood, who unlikely to the actors today made the audiences fall in love with her amazing and promising acting skills, her connection with the character she played all above the portion of her looks.

No doubt the actor is looking absolutely gorgeous, young vibrant and sheer gorgeous in the promos of her upcoming film Dilwale, hover her journey to this day has not been the same, you see.

Over the last two decade, we have seen Kajol evolving her beauty, her face, body frame and now if you have a closer look at the Diwale promo, Kriti Sanon needs to run up high to match Kajol’s energy, beauty and vibrant grace.

There is a lot that has changed in terms of her looks, style statement and appearance, looking back in time, of course for good, while the actor looks truly in her best of skin now, even if you compare her during her younger days.

*Baazigar came in 1993
My heart aches when I need to say that I was just seven year old, and now she looks at least 7 years younger than me!
While this was the debut of Kajol in the B-world, wherein she looked dark and raw, still her skills made her win millions of hearts, being famed as the best couple with Shah Rukh Khan.

*Diwale Dulhania Le Jaenge, 1995
We have been seeing this movie over and over again, I wonder how much hundreds of time we have seen the film and would surely sit down to watch it even today!
The actress looked extremely charming in the film, while the audience fell in love with the actors and the story line; everything from the actors, costumes, shooting, songs and casting were a big hit!

*Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, 1998
This was movie for the youngsters who actually realized the meaning of love after this film, while the entire family enjoyed this flick repeatedly till today with the similar love and passion. The actor looked much filtered and refined while making people once again applaud her presence even with a new actor along, Rani Mukherjee.

*Kajol got married in the year 1999, to her co-actor and love Ajay Devgan.

*Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, 2001
Post to her marriage, the actor made a comeback, yet another time being paired with the most loved Shah Rukh khan, while their chemistry solved most of the purpose, the movie in again a master piece that would be cherished generations after generations.
Kajol looked much polished, while her looks creating riffles, being clad in gorgeous saris she managed to look extremely suave and sexy!

*Fanaa, 2006
Kajol took a long time off after giving birth to an adorable daughter, she returned on the silver screen, this time being casted opposite to Amir Khan, looking as young and fresh as ever. The film did go fairly well, while the people loved her looks, talent and costumes that she carried gracefully and charmingly throughout the movie.

*Dilwale, 2015
This is the best in terms of her looks we are talking about, at the moment Kajol is a super mom to two amazing kiddos, while still she has managed to lose all her parenting weight, in fact she is looking at her best, seriously.
She looks like a new comer, as raw, equally young and stunning to make any guy week on his knees, even the girls out there, including me, being a true fan of this wonderful, super stylish and classy actor, who has been the pride of the B-town, mesmerizing the audiences and drawing them closer to her since the last two decades.
We wish the lovely and chirpy beauty a very good luck for her upcoming projects and the film!

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