Latest tools that would change the way you use Gmail

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While gone are the days when Gmail is used to send and receive mails, now the world of Gmail has a lot more to offer.
We have listed a few advanced and revolutionary tools that would make the most preferred and widely used Gmail all the more interesting and captivating!

These tools would help you put together numerous cloud storage source facilitate experimental labs options while adding together super-cool elements by third party developers and much more!
So, roll over these 3 revolutionary tools that would change the way you think about Gmail in future.

*Mail Track
So, I’m sure you use watsapp and once you send a message to a user, you see those two little ticks and once they turn blue, you know that your message has been read, and I’m sure you love this, right?
How about your Gmail getting something like that?
This is a free chrome extension, called Mail Track, after you install it, you’ll get access to free of cost email tracking, notifications along with the history.

*Dmail: Self destructing email
Ok, I find this stuff really cool, you send an email in haste, or that was just simple an abrupt action, and now you don’t want the receiver to read it, so just opt for Dmail that self destruct the email and the user would not get anything to read inside! Get the free of cost Dmail chrome extension, while the service is available on beta stage and free at the moment.

This free of cost Mail2Cloud extension on Chrome offers a small toggle on your compose screen, just nest to the send. Just compose you email like you normally do, then choose scheduling it accordingly. The save and share option alongside would offer the option to make a PDF of the text in your email and save it to cloud, isn’t it fab?              

*Rapportive- Now know your contacts even better!
Ok, so now in the place that normally has ads, it would know feature information about the contacts like their photographs, alternate email, Twitter ID and so on, for example all the information available on the web regarding that person. So get prepared to know your contacts better.

Get closer to all the cloud providers, experience saving all your files on cloud. There is a free chrome extension called cloudy available that is integrated with SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Gmail itself. You can also attach photographs derived from Instagram, facebook, Picasa etc.

*WiseStamp: Highlight your own signature
Stop thinking about the limitations with your email signature now, use WiseStamp to your very own custom signature, you can add elements from your visiting card, social profiles, pictures and much more!
You could also add on the latest tag lines you wrote, widgets, tweets or any random quotes.

* Forget the spam
You get hooked to numerous subscriptions without even knowing about it, just go straight over to and say yet to the service access to your Gmail inbox.
It would offer a free scan over your inbox and make a list of all your subscriptions, while you make the choice of what to keep and what to delete!

So, don’t underestimate the power of Gmail anymore, try out these super cool tools and change the way Gmail looks and people perceive it to be, today!

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