Biking would now be much safer

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Beyond helmets that are two products getting all dressed up to make a revolution in the domestic market of our country, that would evolve Bike safety here, which is one of a major concern for the Indian roads.

While gone are the days of the tring tring bell we used to have attached to our cycles that use to alert people of the approaching cycle. But there are more enhanced and advanced alarms of bike being introduced is in the making at the moment.

Yes we are talking about another revolutionary product that is under testing at the moment, called the Backtracker, being a two-piece LED-fortified offering that works on the mechanism to be seen and felt, while being visible and alerting people around at the same time.

As per a recent survey, most of the fatal accidents take place while a bike or a cycle is hit from the back.
The Backtracker’s handlebar-fixed option carries LED-fortified radar that points the propinquity of things, substituting the restrictions faced by of mirrors that can be quite tough to realize if out in the sun.

The cyclist or the biker has the option to check upon an eye-catching LED show, placed under the saddle. This mechanism would give a warning to the coming vehicles being better and more reliable and dependable over the traditionally used reflective gear, while its effect is highly depending upon the weather conditions.

The sound produces is not just a loud-audio of more than 105 decibels — it is extremely inconsistent, comprising options starting from alarms to techno hits, to “toot-toots” while the warning is just general and too intense.
Its users get an option to download clips of their preferred tunes, customized light outline with alert alarms. The device permits its users to choose their inclination by linking online over a waterproof USB port while its offers a range of pre-loaded sound and light sample warning choice, similar to the suitably known night time alert.

So, what do you think about this new product in the making?

While as observed earlier and compared, to the west, safety products are need really badly in or country, especially in the areas when the terrain is not that perfect and prone to accidents, injuries and fatal at times.
There are a large number of companies that solely offer and manufacturer safety products for your entire family in the west, while not leaving your dog behind as well.

So, we are really urge the Indian set up to start manufacturing and making the use of safety products more prominent and universal, so that each time we move out of the road, whether it’s a day or night, we are safe and protected with the help of the highly innovative and latest safety products.

Most of the biking and cycling session could be harsh on us, keeping safety products handy would just act as prevention, while the cure cannot be attained this soon, right?

So consider buying safety products especially while you are out biking and doing sporty and challenging activities.

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