Tops foods that would burn all your Fat!

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We have often discussed about the various foods that we should NOT eat, in order to remain slim and not gain weight. However have we ever heard about losing weight while eating?

Yes you read it right, we are talking about a certain group of negative calorie fruit that helps the body to lose weight when they are eaten, instead of gaining, as our body needs to work more in order to digest these foods, hereby resulting in no weight gain problems, instead enjoy these food each time you feel the hunger pangs igniting in you.
We have often discussed the negative and harmful effects of curbing and suppressing your hunger and staying on empty stomach for long, however while on the go, busy in the daily circle of work, deadlines, chores, travel, commuting, who has the time to think about buying foods that would not add up on their body mass?

Fret not now, as we bring to you the best possible solutions to all your food habits and for all those ties, when you give up on unhealthy junk food on the go and hungry!

There are a few foods that carry extremely high thermogenic effect, so it is scientifically evident that once you chew on those, you actually burn calories!

Don’t believe, then you should try them all for yourself!

*Whole grains
Your body burns two times the number of calories, while digesting who grains that are laden with rich fibre, like oatmeal, brown rice as compared to any of the refined and processed foods.

*Cayenne Pepper
Mix a pinch of cayenne pepper powder to a glass of warm water; it works magic, while you lose weight without a lot of effort.

*Lean meats
Protein similarly carries a thermogenic effect, so in simpler words you end up burning up to 30 percent more calories while digesting them, so henceforth you would never gain weight, instead lose weight while digestion lean meats.

*Low-fat dairy products
Dairy produce is always rich in calcium, Vitamin D that are the key elements required to preserve and build up on muscle mass in order to maintain a great metabolism, giving you the most of energy required.

*Green Tea
Nowadays many people have adopted the green tea, in between their meals in order to give a boost to their digestion process. We recommend drinking around 4 cups of the tea in a day to speed up digestion, resulting in scientifically proven weight loss.

They have always been a part of the Indian meals since decades, and now we know that a cup of these miracle foods cover up your iron needs for more than 35 percent, and since the body would be getting enough of the nutrients, it would surely work properly, digesting food better and resulting in weight loss.

*Hot peppers
There is an element known as capsaicin that is present in capsicums, hot peppers and bell peppers that carry the ability to kick start your body’s mechanism, hereby resulting in melting down the extra unnecessary calories. Cook them up, eat them raw, boil them, add them to your soup, just add them any ways you like, and check out your fat going away.

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