Top reasons to stay happy and healthy this winter

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While, it gets colder by the days post the festive season in our country, from windy to breezy, until the weather gets brutally cold in the country. While everyone around would be busy singing the winter rhymes, like its cold, oh my god it’s too cold and all, let’s check out a few tips and tricks, that would definitely make you stay steer of the winter blues.

This might affect the level of activity in most of us, as the most awful thing would be leave that cozy blanket each morning to go for a jog, run or even a walk in the cold winter mornings or evenings, right?
But we highly recommend not getting carried away in the blue of the winter as it can be the healthiest season for your body, while you can enjoy the numerous healthy fruits and vegetable available in abundance during this season, work out and actually lose weight even while you enjoy a hot steaming platter of your favorite momos from your favorite joint, without worrying about the weight issues.

*Get ready and run, jog or just take a brisk walk!
Just grab on a neon color walking outfit and head to the road even if it is late in the evening. This way you would be clearly visible even if it is still dark in the morning, or it’s late, while the sun sets early in this season.

*Feeling too cold?
Yes it is really cold out there, but think of it, once you start your exercise regime, or even a walk for that matter, would you even feel the cold blues? Obviously not, so we recommend you to layer up in a nice warmer that hugs your body and acts as a first shell next to you, while cover up with a wind shield jacket to stop the wind to enter your body, and here you are ready to face the chilly season!

*Tweak you feet
The more times you lift your feet up to walk, the walk or the jog becomes all the more effective and advantageous. There are more calories burnt when you lift your feet each time you take a step ahead.

*Keep yourself hydrated
It is certain that we tend to feel the thirst less, when its winters, however the lack of water in your body would be quite visible even in this weather, in the form of dry skin. So in order to remain hydrated, healthy and glowing this chilly season, make sure to drink ample water, especially while you work it out, in order to maintain the balance you lose through sweat.
Experts recommend sipping 20 ounce of water each time you step out for a walk or a jog.

*Pick the right footwear
As it would be quite cold, and to avoid your feet to get numb, invest in some warm socks and a good footwear, that would keep your feet dry and away from the chill, so that the entire veins mechanism works properly, enabling you to exercise and walk properly.

*Warm up is a must
Each time you step out or head to the gym to sweat it out, it becomes important to first warm up and stretch your muscles and veins properly as during the winter season, they do tend to get clamped and tangled, so always make sure to warm up before starting any sort of a regime.

Hope the above tips would help you maintain your frame this winter season, stay healthy and stay happy!

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