The Top 6 holiday destination to enjoy Indian Winters

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Finally we have moved towards the closure of the year, wherein we are just going to the dreamy and breezy winter season, holidays, celebrations, no work and all fun!

So have you prepared for the place where you would spend quality time, enjoying the serene surroundings, while enjoying the most pleasant winters in the country?

No yet, fret not, here we present a guide that would take you to places that are must visits, especially during Winters that adds up the fun element and makes your holidays season all the more exciting, fun as well as adventurous.
Winter is a time, while just walking around, shopping and all could get a little boring, while to beat the winter blues, you need to engage in some sort of a sporty activity or adventure in order to enjoy to the fullest. We have observed some of the most adventurous destinations that could be really fantastic this winter Holidays season:

We have come across this amazing place in the heart of Uttrakhand that is all cover in snow this time of the year, while offering some of the greatest Snow adventures sports like skiing etc.
So all you got to do is gear up, pack in some of the most warm and cozy jackets, shoes, gloves and caps and head towards this amazing snow filled adventure destination that would make sure to build amazing memories down the lane, while you can enjoy along or with your gang!

So, is snow is not your types, then Rajasthan just gets more awesome in winters. Spend a night in the deserts off Rajasthan during winters and you would love to come back for sure. Enjoy the rich and authentic cultural heritage of the country in the amazing forts and palaces here, while you get a bon fire night arranged in the deserts resorts etc. You’d love shopping, street food, adventure all at one place in Rajasthan, especially during the winter season in our country.

River rafting in winter?
So if you are getting scared to get wet in the holy river Ganga, then please change your mind and experience this amazing place to spend an exclusive adventure holiday, while you book a cozy and comforting tent on the white sand camping sites here. There are amazing day time adventures while you get to relax with bonfire nights, singing and dancing, eating, right on the sands, besides the river Ganga, along with a spectacular view of the Himalayas.

*Jim Corbett
 Visiting a national park during summers or monsoons can be quite a pain, considering the dry and hot conditions inside that also reduce the chances of sighting some of the most amazing species out there. On the other hand, winter season being equally comfortable for the animals out there, the possibility of sighting tigers and many other spectacular animals becomes all the more high.
So plan out an adventures jungle safari at Jim Corbett in the upcoming Holiday season and enjoy the trip with your family or friends.

*Leh, Ladakh
So, here is where the real adventure begins!
Get lost away in the snow capped peaks and the difficult lanes of the Leh area, that would surely give you an experience that is one of its kind. Now Leh trips have just gone better as our Maggie, being the soul mate of such trips has made a comeback!

So what are you thinking about now, just pack in your 0 degree favorable gear, your backpack and head on to explore through the mystery of Leh, an adventure you would cherish all your life, beyond anything that comes your way.

*Go Goa
No matter its summers or winters, this is a place to which no one ever refuses to go. However if in case you were always scared to face the heat and the tan, then winters is the best time of the year to explore Goa. The place is absolutely pleasant during this time of the year. Offering great sport activities like Para-gliding, Para-sailing, scooter and boat rides and much more.
The smell of the coconut just gets more awesome during this season, while the carnivals, Christmas celebration there just add up on all the fun, while you get to enjoy a full on holidaying experience in Goa.

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