Time has really changed, even for our kids

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There are many things that we all enjoyed and grew up with, but they are almost gone in this rapidly modernizing digital era. There are numerous things we as children grew up doing and enjoying to the fullest.
Each generation enjoys its own set of awesomeness, there are a few things that we enjoyed doing as the kids of the 90s, but it’s quite sad to see all those things losing their existence. The kids of today are not even aware of these aspects. They will just not understand how much pleasure we grew up in enjoying and playing around them. There are many great things they enjoy today, but I would just have to quote that we being the kids of the 90s enjoyed both the worlds together, didn’t we?

*All about letters
We all have written and received letters to our relatives, friends, class-mates and in relationships. The excitement it generated and the way things were expressed, with a hope that someone would be eager t here from us was majestic!

We played a lot, I mean literally. While we used to be indoors, we enjoyed a lot of great and interesting board games like scrabble, monopoly, business etc. And the moment we stepped out in the evenings, there was a huge list to choose form, like hopscotch, tap etc. The play-station games can never match with them and its pace.

*The common Phone-wired one
This generation would hardly get to be talking on this curly wired phone. They have been seeing mobiles all around them ever since they have been born. The excitement to attend the phone, unknowingly, apprehending about who it is on the other end, this is a feeling I guess just we understood!

*Family oriented movies
The Bollywood industry has evolved as well. The kind of films been made now are very different from the ones we enjoyed watching over and over again.

*Family Picnics
Nowadays, weekends are spent either watching movies at the theatres or playing in the mall play zones, precisely all the time, our kids are bound inside the air-conditioned environment. While we enjoyed playing and jumping around in the Children’s park, India gate etc. We enjoyed home cooked packed food that we ate together with our friends and cousins at the picnic gardens.

*Cartoon Network
We almost was in love with this channel altogether. We enjoyed watching almost all the cartoons that this channel, starting from the Tom and Jerry shows to the Power Puff girls, all was simply amazing!

*Visiting Grandparents
The day the vacations started, we use to pack out bags and head straight over our Nani house. The sort of a VIP treatment we received there, they pampered us to the core, while there was no money involved, just pure love and affection use to work the magic.

*Library Visits
The connection we had with books was way too big. We all loved the experience of picking up a book from the school, collage or nearby library. Nowadays books are either bought from fancy book stores or downloaded from the internet.

There are many more things we enjoyed, while they don’t even exist in the time of today. Well such is life, always keeps running, changing, evolving, developing while we just need to feel lucky to be around and witnessing the best era of the modern world, the 90s.

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