Tips to make your diet and life much simpler

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Last weekend was spent cleaning out the mess and the clutter out of my refrigerator and soon as the smelly and cluttered food started coming out, I realized that Am I a food collector?

Cleaning the clutter I could realize that the fridge has been over stuffed with packets, processed food items, chocolates, over-ripped fruit and veggies that had all expired and certainly not in a condition to be used. So  the question that came into my mind was why they had been bought in the first place and why they were not used till now.

The process of cleaning and re-filling my fridge made me change my mind. In fact that gave me an idea to implement a plan in this entire thing, so that there is no food wastage and I would actually use all that I buy for myself.

I started on, buying less so that I end up wasting less.

So I decided to simplify the things around me and solve this problem once and for all.

So if you also are willing to simplify and straighten out your life, just read on, get these tips, work on them and see the magical transformation in you, making you waste and stress less, while being happier!

Stop buying food impulsively, just because you like the packing, the color and that’s it!
Plan the entire week, what all you would like to eat, along with eth appropriate portions. This would make you spend less, buy less and also waste less.

*Buy your favorites
Diet is not exactly on my mind, it has never been actually. So I’m no more going to buy foods recommended by others. So buy the foods that you would like eating and this would hereby prevent wastage. Eat well and sensibly, unprocessed and healthy food in the most nourishing proportions.

*Make your space clutter-free
So when clearing out the fridge can transform the way you think, it would be really effective to de-clutter all your spaces like your closet,, book rack, drawers etc. It would be making more space for better things in life, making you feel lighter and better along with being happier.

*Start saying NO
People who please are usually depressed at most of the times. No matter how much you do for the others, it would not be necessary that they would get back to us with a similar zeal. But this leaves you hurt as you start expecting what you do.
So if things are out of your reach, beyond your limits, learn saying NO, it would do great to your body and your mind.

*Do you really want to say a YES?
There are situations in life when we forcibly say no to things we really don’t wish for. Sometimes we need to take a break but looking after family commitments, work pressures, social responsibilities, we end up giving in and agreeing for things we actually don’t feel about.

Follow your heart, no matter how lucrative the offer might seem to be to your brain. Always give in if you’re sure, only sure!

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