Do you like big tyres in your Car?

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While this is a kind of a trending statement seen in most of the good looking cars, like sedans, hatchbacks, modified in order to make its presence felt on the road, so are you the big tyre fanatic as well?
If yes, then this read is just the right one for you!

Most of the car owners change the look of their rides by changing the tyres at some point or the other. Some have an option to do it, in order to take the car look sporty, and for some the reason is bounded in order to keep the balance good, especially when the car is a little old.

We jot down a few pros and cons of this aspect; hope to benefit your decision well.


*Bigger tyres enhance the grip of your car.
*The car would feel more erect, while standing balanced on the road.
*If you own a car that is quite powerful, then with bigger tyres, the power is well distributed, therefore enhancing the quality of the drive.
*Looks! Looks! Looks!
Definitely nothing contrary to the good appearance a car gets, while being laden with bigger tyres adding on the persona and the road presence of the car.
*Lesser Brakes- Yes once you have bigger tyres installed in your car, the balance is better and therefore you would require lesser application of brakes, while the car is otherwise quite in a better control.

Like every good things has its own cost attached to it, similarly maintaining bigger tyres in your car has its own set of downsides that might pinch our pocket.
*Fuel Competency of your car would be disrupted, as the bigger tyres would grip the road better and that would result in the rolling assistance to go down.
*Also the car would generate more power, resulting in lower fuel efficiency indeed.
*Added Load- Indeed the bigger size of the tyres would come with added weight, so that would unnecessarily put burden over the chassis frame of the car.
*Quality of the ride-There would be direct hit over the riding excellence of your car, as the big diameter would outcome in reducing the tyre profile, while the length of the length of the sidewall of the tyre would be reduced.
This is one of the major short comings of upsizing your car’s tyre size, so you just check it out for yourself before you decide to upgrade and enhance the tyre size of your car.

There is no harm if you are not that calculative about the numbers your car gives out and just want to relish the drive and cherish the good looks of your car and enjoy its rides and the way people look at the master piece it becomes different from the rest.

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