Car Insurance and Floods

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The ongoing flood situation in Chennai has made us think about the various cars and houses that suffer especially when you just can’t do anything about it, leaving no option behind. There have been flood situations earlier as well in our country, but owing to the string social media condition and the connected and bond people have in this highly technical era, the awareness and eth details shared are very much indeed on a bigger platform. Indeed these natural calamities remind us about the nature and its power beyond anything else, no technology, no money, nothing has the power to face the power and the wish of the nature.
Mumbai witnessed a similar flood situation a few years back, so that really made us wonder upon the cars or other vehicles submerged into the water, in front of your eyes, however without any option to take them somewhere else, so what can be done in a situation like this, when your much loved, hard earned possession gets in trouble?

*Primary Step:
It would be imperative to inform your insurance company as soon as possible. This would be really beneficial as the Insurance rep would guide you through the procedure they have in their respective company. There are many pre-planning that is required in order to register a claim in special situations like this. Keep pictures or videos handy with you so as to support your claim.

*keep your dealer in loop:
I’m sure you would be aware of the dealer you went through, in order to let you know about the best authorized service station located nearest to you. It would be the best option to keep them posted about the current situation. They would guide you better with the claim related process.

*Seek Help:
The insurance company would direct their representative to review the car. He would examine the vehicle, examine it and grounded on the examination generate a report and let you know regarding the contents it would cover. It is a great idea to let your dealer be around at this particular time as he would be able to get you better coverage on the technical side. If recognized, there are barely any aggravations while claims come in picture. They are very much within the cover and are covered well.

* Pick the Policy carefully:
While you are shopping to buy the right policy to protect your car, make sure to go with the zero depreciation policy owing to its aspect that covers all comprising the natural calamities. Otherwise there is another option to make a little extra payment and get the clause of natural calamity added on to your insurance policy. Aspects such as floods may be rare; however we need to keep them in mind just in case.
But, a dealership won't no initiate correcting your vehicle till the time your insurance agents examines the vehicle entirely, organizes a report and directs the dealership with a yes to move ahead.

*Don’t let the layman touch your car:
Even if you are mechanically sound, there is no point trying being a hero. Don’t attempt and start the car all by yourself. If nothing more, it would spoil your chances while it comes with getting a decent claim on your insurance policy. Ensure you notify and record a claim before attempting to get your car back, up and running by itself.
If you take an attempt to start the vehicle, and the water makes it way to the engine, it can get really tough to get the claim as most of the insurance companies may not offer a cover for this making life tougher for you in such circumstances.

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