Top 5 things you need to do every day as a couple

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You along with your partner are already committed to each other and you love doing things to stay together, strengthen this bond of love and make you feel connected to each other all the more.Making your connection and bond stronger by the years is the essence of every marriage. However with the increasing busy pace of life, work pressure, deadlines, demands etc, the time to make each other feel special and loved is just not on the list anymore!
This scenario and situation is indeed taking a toll on this wonderful relationship and the association of marriage is getting a shift. We offer a list of 7 distinct actions that should be cherished each and every day, sneaking some time out of your busy schedules and making space for each other, doing tiny things to make the other person feel loved and cherished.

5 things every couple should do:

1.Talk it out

Of course you always enjoy each other’s company; however you often forget to engage in the lovely talks that fulfill the gap you guys had all day long. You also get closer to the good and the awful parts of each other’s day, offer help to each other. Sometimes it’s not exactly a resolution we are looking for, we just need someone to hear us out and we‘re sorted, aren’t we?

2. Hug each other everyday

Hugging comes as a natural in couples who love each other. But it also offers numerous benefits too. An embrace offers a sense of safety, protection, makes you feel loves and also reduces the stress level. When you hug someone, we feel protected, and don’t feel alone anymore, no matter what stress we must be going through then. Hugging stimulates the release of numerous neurotransmitters in our brains like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. All these hormones help us feel happy, reduce the stress and makes us feel good about ourselves.

3. Forgive each other

There is no one perfect in life. As they say the grass always looks greener at the other end, similarly we always find the life o other better than ours, however this certainly is not true always and each individual has its own set of problems and limitations in life.
We tend to do mistakes and when we realize the same and feel sorry, it becomes equally imperative for the other partner to forgive. Not let going the issue of life and keeping them deep inside as grudges would just make you feel unhappy, alone and stressed out. Human is a social animal who definitely doesn’t want to stay alone. Not forgiving and punishing your spouse often leads to create a gap and rift between your marriage making you guys be distant with each other, Forgiving people releases the tension and allows you to make a new start.

4. Laugh out together

You must have often heard about laughter being the best medicine, similarly it is indeed the best therapy to heal your marriage as well. You do not really need a comic situation. However we strongly recommend you to maintain humor in your life, in the best of situation and share it with your partner.  Just laugh on your silly mistakes with your spouse, make him/her laugh on you etc. Laughter releases tension and offers an emotional bond of joy in you and your partner.

5. Dont forget to say the magical words

How often do you let your partner know that you love them, when was the last time you let them know how precious they were for you?
I’m sure you don’t even remember that, this is exactly where the modern people lack. They are so busy keeping in mind the deadlines, bill dates, numbers, figures, facts etc that they completely forget the importance and the potency to let your partner know that you Love them.

No matter what all actions you do for your spouse like taking them out, buying their needs, gifts, cook for them, do the laundry etc. But words carry enormous power in them and that leaves a greater impact on your relationship.

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