Dealing with a highly Sensitive Person- here’s what you need to know!

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There are a few people who are emotional too sensitive that makes them cry at every single bit and even for others, they have a big yet very soft heart! This is completely OK, being nothing wrong with you being emotional and sensitive, however what’s alarming is the fact that you might fall into the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) category if your symptoms increase or be constant.

Being an intrinsic personality trait that might direct you towards emotional ups and downs, we offer a few indications that you need to take care of if you're one...Highly Sensitive person.

*You powerfully sense about most concerns, while there could be many issues about many people around you all bothering you up at the same time.

*You would always be a great friend, while you empathize for the ones close to you, while you can also cry for them, easily get happy and also hurt quite easily and often.

*You would be all ears, being the most patient listener, so people really like sharing their lives with you and they do disclose their troubles, feelings and intentions with you. 

*Of course not an introvert, but when thing are really get on your nerves, you just disconnect with the rest of the world for catching up on some me time and you get to some serious talk within yourself.

*You are seriously intuitive, carrying along incredible 6th sense, your gut says and predicts a lot.

*You are a keen observer, while maintaining a keen watch over others makes you notice a lot of tiny yet important aspects that many others overlook. You carry the ability to read people well and you come to know about them lying or being unreliable. The attitude, pauses, body languages are all evidence for you. 

*You find it a little tough to be with people who are negative, so you keep a distance no matter what as they tend to drain you out.

*You really care about your image outside, with people and you work carefully to maintain the same. And since you are very organized, well mannered and don’t like others being filthy.

*Taking a wise and timely decision might get hard as you without doubt get influenced by indulging in measuring the pros and cons of situations and think a lot, actually extra about each and every probable conclusion. You get strained with over thinking that directs to low immunity. 

*Get a hold over it.

Dealing with a people frequently act negatively in response or get cautious with HSP around them, well no body wants a spy agent on them all the time however what they do miss out is that they fail to realize such extreme sensitivity is a result of being vulnerable or extremely hurt in the past.

 Most of the people feel that such people are weak and not competent enough to deal with their lives by themselves, however they certainly have their own set of reasons an facts that make them such. The best remedy for such extreme cases is to offer them enough space to judge the condition and then finally grab their instinct.

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