Latest technology by Apple all set to change the way you Touch

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Touchscreen phones have been the trend setters since the last couple of years. They have indeed changed the entire perspective of technology, offerings its amazing presence in the daily tasks we do, making them extremely easy and user friendly.

Touch screen has given a makeover to tons of different devices, its use along with its importance and usage in our daily lives.

Starting from touch screen smart phones, to tablets, laptops, desktops, music systems, display screen and many more has acquired the advanced and imperative technology of a Touch that offers its great presence and comfort for the users, making the use of the internet much easier, rapid and prompt as well.

So, after changing the outlook of the entire scenario throughout the globe, Apple introduces another revolution out in the market called the 3D Touch.

Compared to the regular force touch that apple has been using at the moment has a greater presence, advance effect while offering a complete make over to the entire scenario. This touch is nothing big to brag about, however the way it would change our lives on a daily basis is commendable.

The way you would bring a change in the way you use your phone is the precise difference Apple intends to roll out. While creating both the technologies on a similar platform, what exact difference it offers is the question in your mind right?

Well this is the exact apprehension in the minds of millions of users in the market.

But here is what all a 3D touch can actually do:

Apart from the good looks, the great camera picture quality, Apple has introduced the 3D touch a revolutionary change in the way the touch screen phones work, is the screen, actually the stuff under the screen that stimulated such a an awesome experience while using the touch screen.  3D touch is all about the great level of sensitivity that is offered by the technology making you touch without having the need to apply any sort of a pressure. Apple has constructed its software that directly connected with its UI. All you got to do is apply a little more pressure and see the world in the smartphone changing completely.

No matter it might sound like a marketing gimmick, as if Apple is just giving its touch a technology yet another fancy name, right?

Well, the answer is definitely a No, as the difference definitely exists, while offering a great experience and user friendly rich technology, changing the game for Apple to achieve another milestone.
 You would get closer to the reality only once you yourself would get to use the 3D Touch, making a difference in the way you use the Apple phone.

Apple aims at offering a revolutionary layout of the touchscreen in order to get the users closer to the way things actually happen in a smartphone. You get to peek on your messages, emails ryc instantly, while by applying a little more pressure can actually take your to a level above.

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