Tips to Loose the Stubborn Belly fat without going to the Gym

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We all are trapped in the vicious circle of a busy life when the work and family demands drained every inch in us, leaving no room left to take care of our bodies. People are packed and busy working up till late in the night, while getting dressed and leaving the house for work in a hurry the next morning, so is it just going to be like this forever?

Are we going to get unhealthy or we quit our responsibilities, what do we do to remain healthy and fit without spending too much of time!!!

Well, we completely understand the boat you are sailing in the, probably most of are, however fret not now as we have  complete and thorough solution for it, read on and get ready to get rid of the stubborn fat and welcome the new energized and pepped up you!!!!

Because we need to stop blaming the routine of our life and get back on the track in order to sustain in this fast paced life, so read ahead and go through these tips in order to transform the way you look:

*Practice the right breathing techniques in the Morning

Stress often leads to the storage of fat in our bodies, deep and slow breathing brings down stress. Make it a point to practice deep and slow breathing each morning and Trust us to feel lighter and stress free with each breath going out.
Inhale and then breathe the air in and exhale out after a count of 3.Pause now for a count of 3 and inhale back again.

*Be sure about your Sleep cycle

Get a good and tight night sleep and make sure you get your sleep time fixed. Maintain a sleep schedule and make sure to follow the same. A proper sleep time is to sleep early at a fixed time and getting up early on a fixed time too.
If you are aware till late at night, this factor leads to accumulate fat in your belly.

*Try Olive Oil

The taste is quite Mediterranean that most of us Indian are not really used to, however the Olive oil carries immense healthy aspects that makes eating an extremely easy option for all the food lovers you tempt for your favorite bites. You can change the way you look by simply changing the way you cook.

*Have an early Dinner

Yes to matter it sounds vague but having your dinner as early as possible after 6 pm, the ideal time. The later you have your dinner, your body turns the most into fat, as there is nothing else you are going, instead of sitting or resting down, leaving no option for the body to convert he food into fat and store it.

*Keep a tab on your parties

As they say work hard and party harder, but if you are trying to walk the fitter path, then your parties need to be moderate, keeping a tab on the number of your drinks as well as starters. The more alcohol you intake, the chances of high blood sugar arises hereby putting a burden over your liver.

*Avoid Eating out a lot

At least during the week days avoid eating junk food out; instead control your portions by cooking fresh, healthy and light meals for yourself at home.

 *Drink vegetable juice and eats your fruits

Vegetables and fruits both are extremely healthy and are full of anti-oxidants, however drinking a lot of fruit juice can lead to the storage of fat and it eventually becomes sugar minus the fiber. However you need to juice your veggies as cooking them makes them loose their vitals.

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