Unsafe Foods for small kids

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Not everything in the food category can be safe and healthy for your small toddler. We have seen parents getting really excited to introduce new food items in the list of items your baby eats or prefers, while the reason is still unknown, however  it is really important to know what all foods can negatively impact the health of your child, while nutrition and good health is the only motive behind feeding our children. Infants and toddler have sensitive and weak immune and digestive system. There are a few food items that can prove to be dangerous and should be avoided completely without a miss.

If you are a new and first time parent, read on further and make sure you avoid giving these food items to your kids who are extremely small and would not be able to handle them, hereby falling sick.

*Big Bites
Make sure you feed your toddler being as big as your fingertip. Make sure they are soft, properly cooked before you give it your toddler.

Avoid giving them whole grapes; always make sure to cut the grapes vertically in two pieces before you give it to your kid.

*Avoid Honey in the First year
Honey is completely to be avoided during the 1yser of the baby’s growth. It can lead to infant botulism.

*Hard and sticky items
Do not give very sticky and hard food to the small kids, as they might get stuck to your child’s throat.

*Tinned Foods
Avoid canned and tinned packed food for your small kids, try and offer fresh home cooked food and see them blossom and smile in the pink of their health.

Afraid of the choking aspect, avoid giving any sort of nuts to small kids, at least till they understand the concept behind chewing food.

Although choking can take place with anything while you children are small, however taking in a few precautions with food can reduce the problem and bring down the situation even more. Take just a few precautions and maintain your healthy child with lots of love, care and a little bit of a watch!

Always remember to make delicious, healthy and safe food items for your kids and let them play their pranks and enjoy life, since childhood is the most treasured and the best period of our lives, so let them grow in little individuals helping them out fight the odds in life well and apt.

Tips to serve your toddler:

*Avoid giving foods that might choke up the baby

*Offer warm, nicely cooked mashed, grated or tiny bites of food

*Make sure you child eats sitting on his high chair while feeding solids.

*Tech your child to avoid talking while eating

*Clear out as soon as the toddler shows done signs, there are chances of food being spread all over.

*keep a watch on the introduction of new foods in order to analyze any food allergies.

*As it carries s a lot of mercury, avoid offering Fish to small kids.

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