And the life moves on-All you need is courage

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This is a story about a young girl who was going for work, all chirpy and happy, enjoying the conditions and challenges of lives, alike any one of us, trying to make in big in the world. This girl was on her two-wheeler, when a trucked jammed in to her, completely crushing her leg, wounding her soul and breaking all her dreams apart. It wasn’t really the driver’s fault, as there was a sudden pillar that disturbed her vision. All the people around rushed the girl to the hospital and as you know about the current medical set up in our country, a lot of formalities were followed, preparations done while the girl’s leg got finally operated at 5:30 pm, whereas the accident took place at 9:30 am.

The operation went through, the doctors were successful and managed to somehow save her leg, however destiny had its own plan and the leg got caught with infection following the operation. The girl’s leg had to be surgically removed. As per the doctor, this was the only way to at least safe her life.

The girl took courage and managed to accept her fate and destiny rather than crying over what an awful aspect just happened in her life. Her motivation and acceptance made her all the more determined and strong to face what fate had in store for her. The girl’s strong prowess decided to accept the things that just cannot be changed, is there was indeed no point crying over something that had already happened and couldn’t be changed.
When people use to pity on her condition, while they visited her to offer sympathy and get emotional, this brave soul used to tell them jokes and ask them to accept whatever life offers, no matter what.

The girl in the days passing by took charge of the situation, took towards physiotherapy, and started learning to walk yet another time in life, although unplanned. The biggest fear she had in mind was regarding her favorite sport she had been passionate about that was playing Badminton. All these years right form the childhood she had been passionate about the game, while at the moment she could not even walk straight, leaving playing to just out of the question.
The day she got comfortable with walking with one of the iron legs, she decided to play. She tried and managed to play while achieving and making it really big in life.

She started playing and slowly began to win corporate badminton tournaments, and with her will, confidence and her peer group she started to apply for the national level and managed to grab several medals at the National level while in the current year, she managed to win Silver in the Para Badminton World Championship that was held in England. The girl took towards training for 5 hours a day, while pursuing her job as a software engineer; she has also completed her training in Scuba Diving and loves travelling, while she has seen most of India.

When asked about from where she gathers such an amazing and enormous strength, the chirps back saying you can do this too!

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