5 tips to keep your relationship Alive

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We all are living a stressed out and a rapid paced life. There are a lot of deadlines that we need to meet on a daily basis. Keeping up with the flying and evolving world around us, we have stopped thinking about the real beauty of our lives. Going behind the materialistic aspects of life, we have forgotten the real meaning of life and stopped enjoying our relationships.

Lack of time, strength and zeal are some of the major factors that affect the quality of the relations we have around us. This doesn’t mean that we are apart, the love has gone or we just don’t like it anymore, however we are lacking the expression which si yet again an extremely imperative element that supports a great relation.

Coming late from work, running around the home chores, kids, deadlines, cooking, grocery, bills, EMI and much more trap us strongly and we tend to forget the real happiness lies un being together or rather being happy together.
Marriage is a beautiful bond that connects us, gives a meaning to our lives, while being a commitment that stays and gets stronger by the year we spend with our loved ones.

Here are a few tips that would add the spark and the zeal back in your life, while make sure to follow them often:

1. Keep exploring through each other and play around
When the know it all stage comes, things tend to get monotonous, indeed, so get on exploring each other together, discover the new interests and current state of minds of your partner. Keep a box and keep adding the best moment you guys spend lately and keep doing this regularly to see the box get full very soon, hereby making you realize all the best moment in your life and yes they do happen quite  a lot.

2. Create the world around you, together!
Select one particular thing you both want and wish since a long time. Get together to make that happen!
It could be anything like buying a car a new home, or a simple dress. But this task would make you guys earn money, save, spend accordingly and all this and much more together.

3. Keep some time-off
The whole day and the entire week we keep looking dumbstruck on the tickling clock. Prioritize your care, maintain your bodies, go for a spa, rejuvenate and relax yourself together, unwind, all this much more, but together. It would make both of you become confident about your- self, the way you look and also offer you some alone and quite time together. This is would you more happy, productive and relaxed.

4. Stop being perfect
In the rat race of doing things in the best possible way always makes us feel disappointed, loose the track, over-work and then later on forces us to blame ourselves or the spouse for the results. However it’s better to put in your efforts but don’t drool over work on yourself trying to be just the best.

5. Take care of yourself
A happy person that make a happy relationship of a happy family, so it remains equally, or actually more important to keep yourself happy and content. Take some time out to groom you up, get a new haircut, or indulge in some shopping, read a book, take a shower. The catch is to do anything that makes you happy and makes you take care of your spouse in a better way.


It is easier to accomplish materialistic goals in life, however when things about relationship comes, we often feel bounded, don’t be in a relation just for the name, instead just try to once out I your soul and see the difference!

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