No more sleepless nights anymore!!!

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Tips that will make your sleep in less than 3 minutes!!!

So, this is for all you insomniacs out there, we urge you to stop using your sleeping pills after reading this.
Yoga along with the great and rich Ayurveda can both be mingled together in order to establish the greatest sleep routine that not only relaxes your body but also freshen up your mind, making you a better person altogether. The entire process you would follow would be all natural and medicine free!

So, read on and get set to get a Good Night’s sleep just using these genius tips:

1. Get attached to nature
It is indeed the law of nature to sleep during night and work in the day time. As per Ayurveda, there is no morning or night person, the nature has made all of us in a similar way and that demands a natural sleep cycle of the day and night.
No matter how big a night owl you might become, but even after taking a complete 8 hour nap in the day time, you would not feel as fresh as you get up in the morning after a good night sleep.

The nature’s energetic forces make our sleep patterns and playing with it, could be playing with the nature which is certainly not good at all.

So, in order to get up all fresh and glowing this morning, make up your bed time routine and stick to it, always try and sleep between 10-11pm so that your cycle develops like this and you feel every bit of charged and fresh the nest morning.

Note: It might take some time to establish this routine, but go for it keep trying and achieve it to get the peace of mind!

2. How to create a bed time routine?
First of all create the right kind of atmosphere before your bed time, like turn off the distractions like TV, smartphones etc.

Dim the lights.

Don’t let your mind rush through a lot of thoughts; this would delay the sleep pattern to develop its toll.

Unwind yourself before the bed time, just relax during this time, do anything you enjoy, like reading a book, avoid watching TV of your Phone as electronics emit lights that tricks our bodies to get confused with the time, making sleep a lot more difficult to develop.

Maintain a calm routine, like reading, having a warm cup of milk with a few strands of saffron in it, hot water shower with a drop of lavender to sooth your senses etc.

You can also try foot massage with Ayurvedic oils that offer a rhythmic and grounding effect on your body making it easier to fall in sleep.

Also, think about the positive aspects in your life; don’t let stress and tensions bother you while you head towards the bed.

3. Try to soothe your mind with Yoga in bed
This yogic breathing exercises that enable you to inhale and exhale from your nostrils alternately. This is the only yogic move that would soothe and ease out your mind, therefore making you get into the bed in a much better way.

Practicing these tips on a regular basis would definitely heal you from within, making you sleep better, get up fresh and as a better awaken soul, making your day better, more productive and fruitful and making your mind concentrate over your tasks well. Get doing these tips and transform yourself into a morning person!

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