Man cycled to Sweden to meet his wife

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This is a story that would break all the norms of romance, love and commitment. Love being a commitment, has no limitations, but the people who break all the boundaries just for loving someone are the real humans. Once we have more such people around, the world would indeed become a better place today that is suffering from hatred, cheating, infidelity and a lack of commitment, seeking the ample options available to the human kind.

This is a story about a poor man who fell in love with a rich girl. The girl has to go back to her country for obvious reasons. However the boy makes a promise to come and visit her there. With time, he struggles each day in order to lead his life, fulfill his commitments while planning to live the dream of uniting with the love of his life.

As even after trying hard, he was not able to create a situation of having enough money to go and meet her, he decides to try and just doesn’t give up. In order to keep up with his promise, he grabs a cycle and starts his journey while crossing through 8 countries to meet the love of his life!

Okay, no matter this might sound like a story of a romantic epic Bollywood film; however it remains to be a reality that can be made into a film for sure.

PK the guy behind the story has yet another time proved that a person can actually achieve all that he desires for; all he need is to be determined about it.

Pak was born in a deprived weaver family of Odisha, Dhenkanal in the year 1949. They were considered untouchable, while PK was a talented artist. But, his family never had enough money in order to spend and invest in his education. He faced a lot of condemnation owing to the feared caste system in our country.

In the year 1971, he joined College of Art in the capital city of our country and started to paint, and in the due course acquired fame for the portraits he created.

In 1975, 19-year-old Charlotte Von Sledvin, who was studying in London, came to know about his talent and came down to meet him all the way to India in order to get her portrait made. As it was destiny that attached a string uniting both of them together, he was stunned by her great looks and beautiful appearance; while she got attracted to his absolute simplicity. It started something called love!

Charlotte then took to be an Indian, while taking over the Indian name Charulata while they both married abiding by the customary ceremonies.

As the time came for Charlotte to leave, she asked her husband to accompany her back to her country where they could both live happily and lead a comfortable life.

While at that time PK was still studying and had his academic commitments, he asked for some more time and did not even accept tickets from his wife. He promised her to meet her on his own expense.
While both of them kept in touch through writing letters. After much struggle, PK could never gather the amount required to leave for her country, so he decided to bridge this gap between them on a bicycle.

He started from New Delhi, while crossing through Amritsar; he entered Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Germany, Australia and then Denmark. This journey is not as simple as it looks; he was actually riding all this while on his cycle that broke down a couple of times while there were many days with no food at all.

It took him 4 months and 3 weeks of this tiresome and long journey, before he could reach Gothenburg, Sweden.

It’s been 40 years since they have been married, Dr PK Mahanandia is the Odiya Cultural Ambassador of India to Sweden and is living happily ever since then with his wife Charlotte, while the couple have 2 amazing children in Sweden. His village that once sidestepped him being an untouchable, at the moment gives him a great welcome each time goes there.

“Now this is what we call Love”

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